English: Fill in the Blanks(New Pattern) – Set 40

Directions: In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.

  1. i. He was met by a __ of noisy, angry youths.
    ii. The British feel no compunction about ushering the gentry into the coach and packing the __ off to debtor’s prison.
    iii. We arrived at the grounds after following a __ of butterflies.
    iv. Tourists __ to the picturesque village.
    A) hearth
    B) gentry
    C) cream
    D) rabble
    E) society
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       Option D
    i- a disorderly crowd
    ii-ordinary people
    iii-a large group of butterflies
    iv- present in large number
  2. i. You and all the others like you are __.
    ii. Some calls were vitriolic, accusing us of publishing pornography and __.
    iii. Stagnant pools of __ are scattered all over this area.
    iv. The windows were thick with __.
    A) celibacy
    B) filth
    C) fastidious
    D) cohorent
    E) dirty
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       Option B
    :i- corrupted
    ii- obscene and offensive language or printed material.
    iii- mire
    iv- dirt ingrained on the surface of something.
  3. i.  The building has been lovingly __.
    ii. The effort to __ him to office isn’t working.
    iii. The government __ confidence in the housing market.
    iv. The steering box was recently __.
    A) cured
    B) disrupted
    C) moved
    D) restored
    E) desolate
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       Option D
    Explanation: i-
    repair or renovate; ii- return to a former condition; iii- bring back or re-establish; iv- take apart
  4. i. The debate has become __by conflicting ideological perspectives.
    ii. None of this should __ the skill and perseverance of the workers.
    iii. Grey clouds __ the sun.
    iv. His origins and parentage are __.
    A) obscured
    B) cloaked
    C) brightened
    D) lambent
    E) amplified
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       Option A
    Explanation: i-
    make unclear and difficult to understand; ii- keep from being known; iii- keep from being seen; iv- uncertain
  5. i. A good __walk is good for health.
    ii. She adopted a __, businesslike tone.
    iii. The sea was shimmering and heaving beneath the __ breeze.
    iv. The archers played a ___ part in the victory.
    A) animated
    B) laggard
    C) indolent
    D) brisk
    E) lethargic
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       Option D
    i active and energetic; ii- showing a wish to deal with things quickly; iii- cold but pleasantly invigorating; iv- settling an issue
  6. i. Firemen were soaking everything to __ the blaze.
    ii. Hope is __ little by little.
    iii. A look which would have __ any man.
    iv. Rights of common pasture were __.
    A) kindled
    B) quench
    C) extinguished
    D) erected
    E) made
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       Option C
    I- cause to cease to burn; ii- destroy; iii- subdue or reduce (someone) to silence; iv- render (a right or obligation) void.
  7. i. Her upper lip curled in __.
    ii. He __ his patients as an inferior rabble.
    iii. She remained standing, pointedly __ his invitation to sit down.
    iv. I asked her to be my wife, and was __ in no uncertain terms.
    A) scrutinize
    B) approve
    C) disdain
    D) ignore
    E) spurn
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       Option C
    contempt; ii- consider to be unworthy of one’s consideration; iii- refuse to do (something) from feelings of pride or superiority;
  8. i. They described the outbreak of violence in the area as an __.
    ii. Color __ lead to misunderstanding.
    iii. The experience might have been no more than a temporary __ of an exhausted mind.
    iv. Shelley’s angry retort was an __from her normally quiet demeanor.
    A) delusion
    B) oddity
    C) ordinary
    D) connote
    E) aberration
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       Option E
    I- anamoly ; ii- disorder; iii- vagary; iv- not typical
  9. i. A proposal to __temporarily the right to strike.
    ii. We believe the board __ its responsibilities to its shareholders.
    iii. You cannot __ anyone’s right to free speech!
    iv. Our city needs to __ outdated laws.
    A) void
    B) ratify
    C) abrogate
    D) allow
    E) authorize
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       Option C
    i- repeal or do away with ; ii- evade (a responsibility or duty) ; iii- ; iv-
  10. i. His theory __ a rotatory movement for hurricanes.
    ii. The chapter was then allowed to postulate the bishop of Bath.
    iii. Perhaps the __ of Babylonian influence on Greek astronomy is incorrect.
    iv. The best economists in the world are working to __ an idea that will revive international finances.
    A) guess
    B) obviate
    C) postulate
    D) calculate
    E) posit
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       Option C

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