English: Fill in the Blanks for IBPS RRB, UIIC Exams – Set 47

Direction (1-10): In each of the following questions three statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.

  1. a) I stopped and listened, __-ing my ears for any sound.
    b) __ the custard into a bowl.
    c) The usual type of chair puts an enormous __ on the spine.
    A) breed
    B) pressure
    C) stress
    D) strain
    E) None of these
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    Option D 
  2. a) It is hard for logic to __ over emotion.
    b) She was __-ed upon to give an account of her work.
    c) Evil cannot __; we must defeat it.
    A) endure
    B) over-power
    C) prevail
    D) forfeit
    E) None of these
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    Option C 
  3. a) She __-ed her hand as if she’d been burnt.
    b) The sea otter can __ the claws on its front feet.
    c) He __-ed his allegations.
    A) provide
    B) emphasize
    C) repuidate
    D) retract
    E) None of these
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    Option D 
  4. a) Success will become ever more __.
    b) The __ thought he had had moments before.
    c) The truth can be __, even feared.
    A) subtle
    B) elusive
    C) obscure
    D) entice
    E) None of these
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    Option B 
  5. a) The doctor recorded her blood pressure on a __.
    b) Cook __-ed the coasts and waters of New Zealand.
    c) The record will probably __ at about No. 74.
    A) chart
    B) paper
    C) list
    D) map
    E) None of these
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    Option A 
  6. a) The plaster started to __.
    b) The easiest way to __ blue cheese.
    c) Sprinkle the __ over the rhubarb.
    A) rot
    B) erupt
    C) break
    D) crumble
    E) None of these
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    Option D
  7. a) The __-ing of antibodies to cell surfaces.
    b) Business agreements are intended to be legally __-ing.
    c) Mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to __ them.
    A) mature
    B) solidify
    C) mix
    D) bind
    E) None of these
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    Option D
  8. a) She __-ed scorn on her return to the theatre.
    b) They failed to __ a full-scale invasion.
    c) Stephen was eagerly __-ing the break from the routine of business.
    A) assume
    B) await
    C) anticipate
    D) abrupt
    E) None of these
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    Option C 
  9. a) A __ attempt to defuse the situation.
    b) Don’t be too __ in criticizing a colleague.
    c) The patient man shows much good sense, but the __man displays folly at its height.
    A) blatant
    B) tricky
    C) quick
    D) hasty
    E) None of these
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    Option D 
  10. a) The countryside was __-ed in snow.
    b) A __ ban on tobacco advertising.
    c) I slept on the ground covered by my __.
    A) sweep
    B) shadow
    C) blanket
    D) quilt
    E) None of these
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    Option C 

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  1. g@//J3d!

    thank u mod. plss advise on how to improve in english 4 such types. also u haven’t posted any quiz on reasoning since last few days.

    1. Srishti

      Improve your vocabulary!

  2. %%%

    mam in ques 5 ,can we use opt C “list” ???

      1. %%%

        in which sentence “list ” word not fit ???

        1. Srishti

          It is not a nut-bolt to be fitted somewhere! It is a word and its appropriateness should be concerned!
          list means number of connected items … list of players, list of food items, list of competitive exams you are going to write etc. etc.

          chart means a sheet of info…. yu chart out yur strategy, wagera wagera wagera

          1. %%%

            🙂 wow nice explanation TQ :))

      2. %%%

        mam CA clrk mains me kitne months ki sufficient hogi ???

        1. Srishti

          Actually, i have no idea!
          But experts say, latest 3 months Current Affairs and 3 monthe static would be sufficient
          Like Nov mei exam hai toh Oct, Sept, August (CA)
          Jun,July (static)

  3. diaries

    mam rbb based new patterns in English what to attendant and post questions also mam

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