English Sectional Test 3 for IBPS Clerk and RBI 2017 Prelim Exam

Hello Aspirants

We are providing you with English Section Mock for the upcoming IBPS Clerk and RBI Assistant 2017 Prelim Exam. It contains 30 questions and time limit is 15 minutes.

To start the mock, click on start quiz button in table below. To end the quiz, click on Quiz-Summary after the last question and then click on finish quiz.

  • Share your marks in the comment section below.
  • You can take this quiz as many times you want.
  • If you find any mistake, please tell us in the comment section.
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5 Thoughts to “English Sectional Test 3 for IBPS Clerk and RBI 2017 Prelim Exam”

  1. Sushant Raj

    I did the mistake while reading the whole passage which took almost 8 minutes and last 2 paragraph i didn’t study due to time crunch due to which i finally ended into a very poor score but next time i will not do this mistake.

  2. Always smile

    no ct itna lenghty ku bnte ho:P ki 30 attempt na hoye;(

  3. gomathy priya

    13, comprehension very lengthy

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