English: Idioms and Phrases Set 18

Important Idioms and Phrases useful for various exams like Banking, SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. Add fuel to fire
    A) scarcity of fuel
    B) abundance of fuel
    C) to make a matter worse
    D) to control the fire
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    Option C

  2. An arm chair job
    A) good income job with high comfort
    B) theoretical job without practical
    C) field job
    D) highly paid job
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    Option A

  3. An old flame
    A) useless flame
    B) something much valuable
    C) enmity from the past
    D) a romantic relationship in the past
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    Option D

  4. Apple of discord
    A) very lovable
    B) to have bitter enmity
    C) free from pain
    D) matter of dispute
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    Option D

  5. Apple pie order
    A) free from pain
    B) very lovable
    C) in good condition
    D) to be unable to decide
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    Option C

  6. At a pinch
    A) in a trouble
    B) in disorder
    C) at the last moment
    D) incomplete knowledge
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    Option A

  7. At daggers drawn
    A) incomplete knowledge
    B) to drag someone forcefully
    C) to have bitter enmity
    D) puzzled
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    Option C

  8. Bag and baggage
    A) burden
    B) with full force
    C) with all belongings
    D) to rest peacefully
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    Option C

  9. Beat black and blue
    A) beating a person of Asian descent
    B) beating a person of African descent
    C) beating someone rarely
    D) beating someone mercilessly
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    Option D

  10. Bell the cat
    A) taking first step at personal risk
    B) to put bell in a cat’s neck
    C) to domesticate a cat
    D) to avoid difficult situation
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    Option A

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