English: Idioms and Phrases Set 16

Important Idioms and Phrases useful for various exams like Banking, SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.
Though the topic Idioms and Phrases is asked in SSC and related exams, but it is important for other exams as well as a part of general English

  1. Let the cat out of the bag
    A) spoil something with the cat
    B) prevent someone from doing something
    C) to tell someone unintentionally about something
    D) to give someone a party
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    Option C

  2. To throw down the glove
    A) to accept defeat
    B) to reject price
    C) to resort to wrong tactics
    D) to give a challenge
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    Option A

  3. To fight to the bitter end
    A) to fight to the last point of enemy’s position
    B) to die fighting
    C) to carry on a contest regardless of the consequences
    D) to fight a losing battle
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    Option C

  4. To catch up with
    A) to compete with
    B) to come to someone’s level
    C) to overtake someone
    D) to stop someone
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    Option B

  5. The man in the street
    A) the homeless man
    B) the ordinary man
    C) the man who works on the street
    D) the man who repairs roads
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    Option B

  6. To have too many irons in the fire
    A) to be engaged in too many enterprises at the same time
    B) to have several problems
    C) to have many ideas in the head
    D) to have a fire burning constantly in someone’s house
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    Option A

  7. Fed up
    A) annoyed
    B) disgusted
    C) pleased
    D) satisfied
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    Option A

  8. High and dry
    A) wounded
    B) alone
    C) depressed
    D) neglected
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    Option D

  9. A good samaritan
    A) a religious person
    B) a helpful person
    C) a citizen of Samaria
    D) law abiding citizen
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    Option B

  10. Sharp practices
    A) dishonest means
    B) illegal means
    C) intelligent decisions
    D) quick decisions
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    Option A

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