English: Idioms and Phrases Set 17

Important Idioms and Phrases useful for various exams like Banking, SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.
Though the topic Idioms and Phrases is asked in SSC and related exams, but it is important for other exams as well as a part of general English.

  1. A little gush of gratitude
    A) gradual recovery
    B) friendly feeling
    C) excessive labour
    D) excessive enthusiasm
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    Option B

  2. To lose ground
    A) to become less powerful
    B) to become less popular
    C) to lose foundation
    D) to be without a leader
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    Option A

  3. To fall back on
    A) to oppose something important
    B) to suffer an injury on the back
    C) to fail to do something important in time
    D) to seek support out of necessity
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    Option D

  4. To make one’s blood boil
    A) to make somebody Furious
    B) to develop fever
    C) to get excited
    D) to make someone nervous
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    Option A

  5. To sale in the same boat
    A) sailing together in the same boat
    B) sharing the financial and social condition
    C) being in the same difficult situation
    D) getting rid of the difficult situation
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    Option C

  6. Cold comfort
    A) absurdity
    B) deception
    C) slight satisfaction
    D) foolish proposal
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    Option C

  7. To feather one’s nest
    A) to make residential house
    B) something that last for a short time
    C) to profit in a dishonest way
    D) none of the above
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    Option C

  8. To strain every nerve
    A) to make utmost efforts
    B) to feel weak and tired
    C) to be a diligent worker
    D) to be methodical in work
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    Option A

  9. To keep the wolf from the door
    A) hunt wild animals
    B) escape starvation
    C) get woolen clothes
    D) walk on ice
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    Option B

  10. To be in the red
    A) to make money
    B) to lose money
    C) to be in danger
    D) to spend money
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    Option B

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