Mixed English Questions Set 69 (New Pattern)

New Pattern English Questions for Bank PO, SBI PO, IBPS PO and Competitive exams

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on Odd Sentence and Fill in the blanks. English New Pattern Odd Sentence , Fill in the blanks

Direction (1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D and E. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

  1. A) It would seem the overwhelming majority is least bothered about the future; what matters is the here and now.
    B) It is a pity that issues of public importance that merit intense national debate, are often ignored by the media which is more interested in focussing on trivia which titillates the uninformed classes with an insatiable appetite for that which is inconsequential and irrelevant.
    C) On the contrary, it would allow the Centre greater freedom, unburdened by petty distractions, to pursue national goals to strengthen India.
    D) to boring discussions on how to reshape and restructure the system of governance and constitutional arrangement of our republic to meet challenges of the moment and those of the future.
    E) Mock jousting matches in news television studios and shallow opeditorials that reflect the intellectual bankruptcy of the commentariat, it would appear, are preferable
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    Option C
    : The correct sequence is: BAED
    The passage says that today the media is focusing on irrelevant issue and not giving importance to the real issues that actually matters for our future. Passage starts with B) which introduced this theme. Continues with A) where the author says that people are also not bothered about the real issue. Followed by E and D where the author elaborates these points.
  2. A) India is still at least four months away from the time voters wait in queue to determine who becomes their MP and by association, which party or alliance forms the next Government at the Centre.
    B) Security officials have said there is a risk during the elections of a terrorist attack like the ones that have killed more than 230 people in the past
    C) They can’t accurately forecast which party will win how many seats because there is still a large body of undecided voters and campaigns propel many voters to change their minds.
    D) However, at least two opinion polls released in the past week have at least brought about a reality check for India’s chattering classes that are the mainstay of the opinion-making industry.
    E) An opinion poll at this juncture can at best be a broad indication of which way the wind is blowing.
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    Option B
    : The correct sequence is: AECD
    The passage is about elections and opinion polls. Option B) talks about terrorist attack in election which is not related.
  3. A) When dealing with the reasons for the involvement of Saudi Arabia and Iran on Syria, one must consider the internal dynamics of both the countries and the notion of internal security dilemma that have aggravated tensions between Riyadh and Tehran.
    B) Ironically, the staunchest opponents of the agreement with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel, have since its conclusion urged the administration not to scrap the deal.
    C) The case of Syria warrants examination of the importance of internal factors within Iran and Saudi Arabia that have molded their behaviour towards Syria.
    D) While both countries have desired to play leading roles in helping solve the Syrian problems, Iran has offered substantial funding and military support to Assad, and Saudi Arabia has strongly backed Opposition groups.
    E) The political turmoil in Syria has presented Iran and Saudi Arabia an alibi to involve in a proxy regional conflict.
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    Option B
    : The correct sequence is: EACD
    Option B) talks about a deal. No such deal is mentioned in the passage.
  4. A) Besides this, discouraging the use of diesel fuel and propagating compressed natural gas can pay rich dividends and improve the environmental report card.
    B) The Government needs to concretise its action plan for environment restoration.
    C) As a part of this, the number of vehicles plying on the roads need to be regulated.
    D) Alongside, it is crucial to improve the quality, affordability and scale of public transport.
    E) The same technology can be adapted to generate daily advisory messages for the population, by way of updates through smart-phone applications, on how to avoid areas of extreme pollution, and related health tips.
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    Option E
    : The correct sequence is: BCDA
  5. A) Even in cinema the influence of Urdu is a matter of fact. It is difficult to say as to which is more effective —the reel on real or the real on reel.
    B) The basis of the language was the communication gap that the Mughal rulers felt with their subjects.
    C) Urdu is one of the few languages of the world that is not a mere collection of words but a complete culture in itself.
    D) Thus Urdu came into its being. The basic objective was to communicate with the legions to lessen the confusion that was otherwise rampant.
    E) To bridge this, the ruling elite decided to create a language which would be a fine mixture of Persian, Arabic and some local dialects.
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    Option A
    : The correct sequence is: CBED.
    The passage talks about the origin of Urdu language. Option A also talks about Urdu, but it is related to movies, while rest all are related to the origin of Urdu and the historical events.

Direction (6-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

  1. We must _____ when politicians across party lines play politics with the finances of our cities, especially since the current sources of revenue of municipalities in India are grossly _______ for discharging their constitutional ______ of delivering public services.
    A) cheer, endangered, rights
    B) debate, damaged, duties
    C) worry, inadequate, mandate
    D) interrupt, sufficient, amendments
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    Option C
    : worry, inadequate, mandate
  2. A disciplined force always ____ up to its leader for guidance and direction, and his ______ creates a sense of _______ in the ranks.
    A) responds, presence, disrespect
    B) looks, absence, uncertainty
    C) follows, force, profane
    D) challenges, certainty, disparity
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    Option B
    : looks, absence, uncertainty
  3. The _________ talks about a new public service pay deal will be a real challenge for all concerned and the outcome will have a huge ______ on the financial _______ of the State for years to come.
    A) forthcoming, bearing, health
    B) anticipated, dependency, implicate
    C) upcoming, impact, bruise
    D) aspiring, upheaval, criteria
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    Option A
    : forthcoming, bearing, health
  4. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has demanded _______ to the International Monetary Fund’s ________ quota system, shedding ______ on the problems faced by the Bretton Woods institution in today’s global economy.
    A) improvement, effective, ways
    B) restructuring, adaptive, topics
    C) reforms, controversial, light
    D) standardization, dynamic, efficiency
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    Option C
    : reforms, controversial, light
  5. The earth heaves under 1.3 billion tonnes of waste each year, the water turns sluggish with up to 90% of ________ waste being _______ into it, and each year a/an _________ number of people get diseases caused by our wasteful, pollution-ridden lifestyle
    A) crude, flown, huge
    B) unprocessed, reduced, undisputed
    C) heavy, diverged, reduced
    D) untreated, pumped, immeasurable
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    Option D
    : untreated, pumped, immeasurable



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