English: Odd Sentence Set 7 (New pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. 

  1. A) This cannot continue and the trend must be put down. Political leaders must make it absolutely clear that
    B) damaging India’s multicultural tradition and robbing it of the fruits of economic reform.
    C) Lynch mobs have come to threaten not just lone lives but the vitality of the nation itself.
    D)And that they put the unity of the people, social peace, law and order above all other considerations.
    E) They themselves and the governments they lead will not tolerate mob frenzy whipped up in whatever name
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      Option B
    Explanation: The correct sequence is CAED.The passage talks about lynch mobs and possible solutions to the problem.
  2. A)The national carrier has its own maintenance and repair centre, which gives it cost advantage over other players.
    B) But will any sane investor buy a stake in the company that is laden with debt even if 100% equity is handed over for, say, Rs1? 
    C) A privatised Air India would cease to be a drain on the exchequer and also gain a sustainable capital structure and become more efficient.
    D)The government’s in-principle approval to divest stake in the loss-making national carrier Air India is welcome.
    E) Air India’s total debt is over Rs52,000 crore, and the annual interest outgo is about Rs4,500 crore.  
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      Option A
    Explanation: The correct sequence is DCBE.The passage deals with Air india and its disinvestment procedure to be carried out soon. A is giving its advantage that is not matching with the theme.
  3. A) Investment as a proportion of GDP is today lower than at any point of time since 2004-05, and
    B) Especially since the Supreme Court cancelled a bunch of telecom licences in 2011, private investment in infrastructure has virtually dried up.
    C) This is principally on account of falling private corporate investment.
    D) banks are laden with bad loans and companies with debt they cannot service.
    E) After a series of public-private-partnership projects in the infrastructure turned sour post the financial crisis and  
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      Option D
    Explanation: The correct sequence is ACEB.The main idea is less percentage of investment on total GDP in recent times and reasons for same.
  4. A) The target of 175 GW of new renewable energy capacity by 2022 still seems ambitious.  
    B) India’s renewable energy generation capacity is now at a little over 57 GW.  
    C)  National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond
    D)But much more needs to be done.
    E)In nearly doubling the renewable energy portfolio in three years, the government has shown its commitment to low-carbon development.  
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      Option C
    Explanation: The correct sequence is BEDA. The main idea is target of renewable energy and the bottlenecks in the path. C deals with growth part that is not relevant .
  5. A)  The US also expressed support for the UN Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
    B) Trump is no dyed-in-the-wool Republican but he is a businessman.  
    C) As an emerging economy with a healthy growth rate and immense economic opportunities, India is a desirable partner.
    D) Historically, Republican administrations have been good for India, with the exception of the Nixon-Indira Gandhi rupture
    E)The Modi-Trump meeting in Washington demonstrates that the India-US relationship has a momentum of its own
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      Option A
    Explanation: The correct sequence is ECDB. A is not matching with the main theme of relations between india and the U.S .
  6. A) Many firms advertise their goods or services, but are they wasting economic resources?
    B) Some economists reckon that advertising merely manipulates consumer tastes and creates desires that would not otherwise exist
    C) By increasing product differentiation and encouraging brand loyalty advertising may make consumers less price sensitive
    D) moving the market further from perfect competition  towards imperfect competition  and increasing the ability of firms to charge more than marginal cost.
    E) Some managers with lots of share options have engaged in accounting fraud in order to increase the value of those options long enough for them
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      Option E
    Explanation: The correct sequence is ABCD. The passage deals with advertising and E with accounting frauds.
  7. A) This has to be resolved through quiet diplomacy, without bluster and verbal aggression of the kind that runs riot on most television channels when they discuss relations with Pakistan or China.
    B) The political leadership and India’s diplomatic cadre must follow through on this logic.
    C)The first attempt to formally demarcate boundaries took place under colonial rule and this has left its mark on Sino-Indian relations, the two countries fighting a brief war over rights over territory.
    D)There is no gainsaying that the Chinese decision to block passage through the Nathu La pass for Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims is a setback.
    E) India and China are two ancient civilisations that have coexisted in peace and mutual respect for millennia.
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      Option B
    Explanation: The correct sequence is DAEC. The main idea is china’s decision of blocking  passage through nathu la pass. B is saying about some logic which is nowhere talked about so odd sentence.
  8. A) It gives us a clear sense of what has been achieved and what more can possibly be done in the remaining 18 months before the political class shifts to campaign mode.
    B)The question remains: who will make the assessment? 
    C) It is, no doubt, an interim report but one that may not deviate wildly from the final assessment.
    D)Three years, in a five-year term, is a reasonable time for assessing any government.
    E)  Based entirely on perception, offer an indication of likely voting intentions two years later, unless something dramatic intervenes.
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      Option E
    Explanation:The correct sequence is DACB. The passage says about assessment of any government and reasons for that. E is odd one.
  9. A) That social media undoubtedly confers, with insolence, rudeness, wilful annoyance and even profane language is understandable.
    B)The lack of decorum of some (often anonymous) individuals who equate democratic empowerment
    C)This was a question that agitated me last week upon witnessing the ungainly exchange between a venerable retired civil servant and his baiters.
    D) some exchanges in the social media often resemble a no-holds-barred catfight.
    E) What is it about social media that turns even the best of people into rough streetfighters?  
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      Option D
    Explanation:The correct sequence is ECBA. The passage  talks about social media and reasons for bad incidents witnessed over it in recent times.
  10. A) that is breaking down the supply chain of companies and halting production. 
    B) Links in the supply chain can use the credit available from enhanced OD limits.
    C) The shortage of new currency notes has disrupted economic activity in the country, hurting small and large businesses.
    D)Direct banks to raise overdraft limits of all current accounts, to help businesses tide over the currency shortage
    E)Even as the government steps on the gas on replacing old notes with new ones, it should step up credit availability to replace, at least in part, the missing cash for transactions.
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      Option B
    Explanation:The correct sequence is CEDA. The main idea is shortage of currency and its consequences.




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