English: Odd Sentence Set 11

Directions: Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. A) it is a transformational initiative incorporating the spirit of “sabka saath” to create a new India by ensuring “sabka vikas”.
    B) citizens can get new mobile connections, open bank accounts or avail government services based on Aadhaar-based e-KYC in a paperless manner.
    C) it aims to bridge the gap between the digital haves and have-nots.
    D) Digital India is a flagship programme of the present government to empower India and Indians using technology.
    E) Digital India BRIDGE and BHIM to offer citizen-centric services at marginal costs — or zero cost
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      Option B
    DACE; Digital India programme—- an initiative —– aims to bridge the gap —– programmes like BHIM & BRIDGE to offer services.
  2. A) one ecological and other economical.
    B) there are two major challenges before Indian agriculture today
    C) the conservation of our basic agricultural assets is a major challenge.
    D) addressing the ecological challenge requires more technology
    E) how to make agriculture sustainable is the challenge.
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      Option D
    BACE; two challenges—- ecological and economical —– a major challenge(ecological)—– a subsequent challenge(economical) i.e. to make agriculture sustainable
  3. A) it advanced the presentation of the Budget by one month
    B) it has done away with a separate Railways Budget and merged planned and non-planned budget
    C) the Economic Survey used to be presented to Parliament on the eve of the Union Budget.
    D) the full Survey was not presented at the beginning of the Budget session.
    E) then, the government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to break with tradition.
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      Option D
    CEAB; presentation of economic survey —– modi  govt. Break the tradition —— advanced it by one month —– merged planned and unplanned
  4. A) it is likely to be a combination of delays, cost, uncertainty, inefficiency and corruption.
    B) the public is losing confidence in the judiciary despite the latter’s assertions.
    C) on the contrary, this endless, stagnant debate on the AIJS only takes up time and energy instead of focussing attention on implementing more direct solutions
    D) data show that they are acting on this belief by filing fewer cases year on year.
    E) the problems of the Indian judiciary at all levels have reached catastrophic levels.
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      Option C
    EBDA; problems reached disastrous level—- resulting into losing public confidence—– data shows their action —–reasons for delay can  be attributed to cost, uncertainty etc. Nowhere AJIS is discussed.
  5. A) Independence Day speeches are nearly always a joint manifesto.
    B) this is especially true when prime ministers address
    C) they give an account of what has been done, and they lay out a vision for the future.
    D) the nation in the middle of their term, not at its beginning.
    E) his government had done, and outline where he wishes to go.
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      Option E
  6. A) wagering on a miraculous revival of the economy
    B) Growth slowdown in heavily indebted sectors such as infrastructure, metals, telecom
    C) in the aftermath of the global financial crisis
    D) as much of this lending was done without conducting adequate credit appraisal
    E) Indian banks pursued an aggressive lending strategy
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      Option B
    CEAD; consequently —– indian banks started lending strategy—–taking  risks for revival of economy—– without any assessment
  7. A) the fiscal situation at the Centre is improving
    B) exports are finally in positive territory.
    C) the caution of the Survey is tinged with this optimism!
    D) finally as with all things Indian, one must end with optimism.
    E) the basic building blocks of longer term growth are being put in place.
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      Option C
  8. A) but they cannot provide a higher income for farmers to improve their lot?
    B) all kinds of excuses have been given by governments for not implementing this recommendation
    C) no government is prepared to take long-term steps to ensure the economic viability of farming.
    D) the government is willing to pay Seventh Pay Commission salaries to insulate government servants from inflation
    E) the question is, do the farmers of this country also not need to eat?
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      Option C
    BEDA; excuses that  govt. Gave—– are being questioned—– in contrast with govt. Willingness over other implementations—– but the conclusion (they are helpless)
  9. A) some of the statistics the PM used are simply beyond the realm of possibility.
    B) The nation should indeed be made aware of developments.
    C) The trouble is, we also have to check the veracity of his statistics.
    D) It is not our job to accept what the government is saying.
    E) It is doubtless true that GST would enhance the efficiency of inter-state road transport.
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      Option A
    BCDE; awareness among people—–followed by trouble——people are not for the govt.
  10. A) the creation of an NAMC should come with a “sunset clause”.
    B) It must now follow up with reforms that address the imperfections in the market for distressed assets.
    C) This would ensure that the company does not fall prey to the same disincentives
    D) it should be wound up or the government’s stake sold to private parties.
    E) After a predefined period, when the company’s operations are no longer deemed necessary
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      Option B
    AEDC; NAMC, cease to have effect —– is no longer seen necessary ——- need reforms that addresses ts issues——reformation grants ensurity.

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