English: Odd Sentence Set 12

Directions: Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question. Other 4 sentences are logically connected to form a paragraph.

  1. A) it would no longer compare apples with oranges.
    B) their benchmarks and not just the ‘price return’ as is the norm now
    C) Last week, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund turned over a new leaf
    D) the price return but also the dividends earned by the companies
    E) it would compare its funds’ performance to the ‘total return’ of
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      Option D
    Explanation: CAEB…. turned a new leaf —- no longer compare —-compare it’s funds—-(B). In E ‘but also’ is a correlative clause.
  2. A) she won more hearts for her gallant display of endurance
    B) and it stood out as the finest advertisement for the women’s game.
    C) before the gold at the World Badminton Championships in Glasgow
    D) It was an epic final at badminton’s biggest stage
    E) Two young title aspirants battled for 110 minutes
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      Option A
    Explanation: DBEC… ‘it’was a badminton stage—- ‘it’ stood out—- In ‘A’ “she” is incoherent.
  3. A) in the international system has a robust economic relationship
    B) the most self-evident lesson from the Doklam stand-off is that
    C) India is on its own and would have to fend for itself
    D) in case of a clash with China
    E) we inhabit a ‘self-help’ world wherein China is a world power
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      Option A
    Explanation: BECD…most evident lesson —- china is a world power —- india fend for itselself — clash with China. “A”- nothing mentioned about economic relationship.
  4. A) President Yameen is still in government, but
    B) they also seem to have lost the confidence of the Supreme Court,
    C) he has now lost the coalition with which
    D) And they lost recent local elections too.
    E) he came to power after former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom joined the opposition.
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      Option B
    Explanation: ACED…prez in govt. — govt. He lost coalition — he came after former prez
  5. A) they don’t even figure in the local councils.
    B) We have to be mindful about where the money is coming from
    C) When you try to satisfy the fringe, it becomes the centre.
    D) We must bring curriculum back to what it was before this government changed it.
    E) None of the Islamist parties have won a seat in parliament and
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      Option C
    Explanation: DEAB… “we” bring curriculum—- Islamist parties —– ‘they’ —- “we”  have to be mindful.
  6. A) you missed the signal at “Medium is the message”.
    B) you probably did not see if
    C) If you are not paying for it, you are not the customer, you are the product.
    D) This is a signboard on the information highway that
    E) the simple act of browsing a website is now very much like the Indian wedding
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      Option E
    Explanation: CDBA…. “This” needs to be relate with something hence can’t start the arrangement. C- appears to be a proverb so followed by “D” . — signboard is on highway— so it needs to be noticed by every passer-by, therefore followed by “B”. “Indian wedding” is not a point of arrangement hence discarded
  7. A) captures the essence of what the work is about regardless of how thick the full book is
    B) They often have a sentence that captures its philosophical and political kernel
    C) others have to be consigned to the archives
    D) So too with legal judgments, even when over 500 pages.
    E) The best works of fiction often contain a sentence that
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      Option C
    Explanation: EADB
  8. A) Perhaps ‘mystery’ applies to spin bowlers in general.
    B) The flighted delivery bowled above the eye line works against the steady head
    C) and tricks the batsman into believing the ball will pitch closer to him than it actually does.
    D) Then there is the problem of figuring out which way it will turn.
    E) It is one of the most satisfying sights in cricket, to watch a Goliath
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      Option E
    Explanation: ABCD
  9. A) The lopsided distribution of advertising revenue between newspapers that deploy people to produce news
    B) One of the central elements in this process is the act of verification,
    C) an act which distinguishes news from all other forms of information.
    D) Editorial judgment decides what constitutes news.
    E) a theme that has been explored at length in these columns,
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      Option A
    Explanation: DBEC…. Editorial judgement—the process of editorial judgement —– columns of editorial —- editorial news is different from other news.
  10. A) even as we feel outrage at every precious ancient monument the Islamic State destroys in West Asia
    B) between the need to protect ‘heritage’ and provide for the needs of a burgeoning population.
    C) with each major metro and smaller town having its own struggles between preservation and real-estate depredation,
    D) Just as what has happened to the Indian urban landscape is complex,
    E) It’s true there is only so much we can learn from the wealthy countries.
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      Option A
    Explanation: EDCB

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