English: Odd Sentence Set 15

Directions: Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. A) his critique on the works of the eminent writers
    B) reflected in the collections of poems that have been published.
    C) Dr. Ram Ratan Bhatnagar established himself
    D) of his time is reflected in his published works.
    E) as independent and enlightened critic of Hindi literature.
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       Option B
    Explanation: CEAD
  2. A) who got a boon from Hanuman to sing the glory of Rama in vernacular language
    B) Tulsidas is believed by many to be a reincarnation of Valmiki
    C) the god Shiva tells his wife Parvati how Valmiki,
    D) he was born under the Abhuktamūla constellation
    E) in the Hindu scripture Bhavishyottar Purana,
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       Option D
    Explanation: BECA
  3. A) he had all thirty two teeth in his mouth at birth,
    B) which according to Jyotisha causes immediate danger to the life of the father.
    C) legend goes that Tulsidas was born after staying in the womb for twelve months,
    D) and he did not cry at the time of his birth but uttered Rama instead.
    E) his health and looks were like that of a five-year-old boy
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       Option B
    Explanation: CAED
  4. A) while the Brahmin was being taken for cremation, his widow bowed down to Tulsidas
    B) in one such miracle, he is believed to
    C) have brought back a dead Brahmin to life.
    D) in Priyadas’ biography, Tulsidas is attributed with the power of working miracles.
    E) so his words could not be true.
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       Option E
    Explanation: DBCA
  5. A) that emerged in old-fashioned Hinduism and later reformed in Sikhism.
    B) became available to everyone.
    C) it started in the eighth-century Tamil south India and spread northwards.
    D) it swept over east and north India from the 15th century onward
    E)  the Bhakti movement refers to the spiritual devotional trend
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       Option B
    Explanation: EADC
  6. A) the Bhakti movement was a devotional transformation
    B) alternatively ascetic monk-like lifestyle for moksha gave
    C) untouchable communities an inclusive path to spiritual salvation.
    D) way to individualistic loving relationship with a personally defined god.
    E) of medieval Hindu society, wherein Vedic rituals or
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       Option C
    Explanation: AEBD
  7. A) theological categories of Agamic and Vedic Shaivam combined.
    B) is to become an enlightened soul through Lord Siva’s Grace.
    C) had not yet emerged as an important issue.
    D) being a dualistic philosophy, the goal of Shaiva Siddhanta
    E) Saiva siddhānta, provides the normative rites, cosmology and
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       Option C
    Explanation: EADB
  8. A) espoused by Tirumular . It seems likely to others, however,
    B) hard to describe the distribution of sects in earlier times.
    C) some hold that it originated as a monistic doctrine,
    D) that the early Śaiva Siddhānta may have developed somewhere in Northern India
    E) Saiva Siddhanta’s original form is uncertain.
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       Option B
    Explanation: ECAD
  9. A)  and the invigoration of Brahmanism were both well advanced.
    B) succession from Śankara and numbers among his predecessors Sâyanâcârya
    C) poetry and the older Puranas were already composed.
    D) about the sixth century A.D. the decadence of Buddhism
    E) the Mahabharata existed as a great collection of epic and religious
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       Option B
    Explanation: DAEC
  10. A) southern Hinduism which is more complete than in the north.
    B) it is even said that the head of the Śringeri monastery in Mysore
    C) exercises an authority over Smârta Brahmans similar to that of the Pope.
    D) suggest that they were Vishnuites but a little later the cult of Śiva becomes more prominent.
    E) the results of Śankara’s labours may still be seen in the organization of
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       Option D
    Explanation: EABC





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