English: Odd Sentence Set 16


Directions: Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. Rogue was limping in the morning.
    we found two more of them in the garden.
    who was a tiny kitten until February this year.
    By the afternoon, the limp was gone.
    He is our garden cat,
    Option B
    Explanation: AECD;
  2. the first two having landed the economy
    there are no shortcuts to development.
    in swamps from which further progress was difficult.
    Indian policymakers may now be tempted to attempt two more,
    in human development through public health and primary education.
    Option E
    Explanation: BDAC
  3. While its snack brands such as Kurkure and Lay’s continued to slip
    PepsiCo India has failed to check the falling sales of its core carbonated beverages
    by building a portfolio that has “Something for Everyone”
    its fruit juice brand Tropicana did not gain market share,
    as Indians shift to healthier options such as fruit juices,
    Option C
    Explanation: EBDA
  4. price deficiency support, along with crop insurance, is a useful supportive step,
    dividends from the public sector to bridge the fiscal gap,
    but reports from Madhya Pradesh suggest that it is working
    a higher outlay on R&D for sustainable farming will have a lasting impact.
    more to the advantage of traders than farmers.
    Option B
    Explanation: DACE
  5. the proposed examination would be based on an asset class.
    which did not make it clear whether
    this is an improvement upon the draft rules put out for public comments,
    experts in the valuation of the asset class they are permitted to practice in.
    it goes without saying that the qualifications required for valuing each class of assets is separate
    Option D
    Explanation: CBAE
  6. India is eyeing to play a more proactive role globally.
    India’s chances to get a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council
    India as it is being supported by countries like the US, Russia, France
    being a responsible state in the international system,
    being a part of major groups like WA enhances
    Option C
    Explanation: DAEB
  7. if law-making is a long and tedious process, it appears that
    unmaking existing laws is an equally arduous task.
    how else does one explain the fact that until three years ago,
    a huge number of obsolete Acts remained in the law books
    they continue to burden the statutory corpus
    Option E
    Explanation: ABCD
  8. the U.S.’s categorisations of its security threats,
    to begin with, the U.S. articulation of its perceived challenges has swung wildly
    it has not backed this with actual financial assistance for infrastructure
    India must be mindful, therefore, that in welcoming
    it doesn’t unthinkingly get swept into an American clinch
    Option C
    Explanation: DAEB
  9. it is not possibilities but numbers that are recorded.
    he is not a recharged leader bringing a fresh look to the Congress
    suddenly, Mr. Gandhi is read in a different way.
    labelled an amateur and Modi-Shah professionalism is re-emphasised.
    the picture has become critically different.
    Option D
    Explanation: EACB
  10. India would look a bit more skewed in this respect.
    while practical observations do reveal that
    billionaires living in mansions are surrounded by
    the destitute with little hope,
    the official argument is that even the poor have mobile phones
    Option A
    Explanation: BCDE



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