English: Odd Sentence Set 18

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. always available for the media — for a quote or two on a development or a
    While in HMI, first as Director-Marketing, and then as President, Subbu was the
    unlike most others who would prefer not to be quoted.
    perspective on an issue — and never once missed an opportunity to take a swipe at competition
    go-to person for journalists and the face of the company in the country. He was
    Option C


  2. Rajinikanth’s entry may now result in advancing of the poll schedule, originally
    the 1980s — with a new political party in just six months.
    and do what an NTR did when he dethroned the Congress in Andhra Pradesh in
    organising a cadre from worshipping fans without yielding to nepotism are big challenges ahead of him.
    due three years later. This will leave him little time to build up his political party
    Option D


  3. further opportunistic reform — digital land-title records can be built and shared.
    competition among States, and good publicity for best practices, as through the
    together with the recap bonds strengthen bank balance sheets and reduce NPAs.
    political constraints that block land and labour market reforms. Better data enables
    smart cities website, is an example of reform by stealth. This can overcome
    Option C


  4. boost must also include a thrust on making the country EV-friendly.
    Better roads will have a multiplier effect on several sectors. The infrastructural
    requiring 10 per cent of parking spaces in new buildings to have recharging facilities by 2023.
    the Government recently announced that ₹7 lakh crore worth of roads and
    highways will be constructed. Budget 2018 should fast-track these projects.
    Option C


  5. most people equate employment with being in a job, and not self-employment.
    And, self-employment is not what millions of young people with varying levels of
    it can focus on execution of projects in the public sector which will provide employment to a few million.
    among peers and relatives by being in a job.
    skills, or no skills, are seeking. They want the respectability they would command
    Option C


  6. while also salvaging dying art forms.
    the town is home to one of the biggest concentrations of handloom weavers in
    active looms. About 60 per cent of the inhabitants are dependent on this centuries-
    with woven patterns of zari. Chanderi has 30,000 inhabitants and about 4,500
    central India. Here they prepare a finely embellished silk and cotton based fabric
    Option A


  7. DEF created a web portal to help weavers sell their products, going beyond
    reducing physical market separations and building a bridge to provide market
    access to their producers. The Chanderi model has been able to demonstrate the
    viability of market-based solutions for alleviating the poverty of ‘bottom of the pyramid producers.
    and poor weavers to successfully develop markets for dying art forms.
    Option E


  8. bill exceeding ₹1 lakh crore.
    through the fertiliser subsidy, which, though being targeted better, has an unpaid
    crop failure, the compensation is immediate and seamless. The indirect benefit is
    the challenge here is to educate the farmers and also ensure that when there is a
    where the Centre plays the secondary role.
    Option E


  9. Athletic club chains announced recently that they would refrain from tuning their televisions to cable news
    the mainstream press hates him. Decorum and respect previously reserved for
    presidents are long gone. Analysts’ language on TV is so vile — Trump is regularly
    described as childish, incompetent, racist, crazy, stupid and boorish — that if the
    US had laws against sedition or a secret police organisation, most journalists would be in jail today.
    Option A


  10. message of tolerance and accommodation, the audacity and courage with which
    he challenged unfairness, and his willingness to pay the price for such defiance,
    the admiration for Gandhi was tempered then as now.
    appealed to ordinary people across India.
    Gandhi was revered by millions as a great saint. The ‘spareness’ of his dress, his
    Option C



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