English: Odd Sentence Set 20

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. there have also been policy measures in the ether since last year aimed at encouraging people to have more children.
    the Chinese government is attempting to defuse
    while the other individual is equally well off
    there were more children born in the province last year than in any other.
    China’s “silver time bomb”. Recently, state media applauded parents in Shandong province for their fertility;
    Option C


  2. have been drawn into an argument you found yourself
    involved facts that should never have been up for debate in the first place.
    simply incapable of winning. Chances are the issues at stake
    It was also the first time that the use of renewable energy (RE) was advocated
    if you are active online, you will, at some time or the other,
    Option D


  3. one can furnish a rather elementary arithmetical example of a possible conflict
    in favour of an equal distribution over an unequal one, then equality must rank x as ethically superior to y
    x is an equal distribution and y an unequal one. So if egalitarianism is understood as an intrinsic valuation
    that are a lightning rod for online discussion.
    between the social virtues of equality and efficiency, in terms of two 2-person utility distributions x = (5,5) and y = (5,7):
    Option D


  4. this Act removed the licensing requirement to produce power,
    that began to be phased out only in 2015. With good reason.
    and also led to the unbundling of generation,
    India’s major electricity reforms were ushered in through the landmark Electricity Act of 2003.
    transmission and distribution of electricity at the state level.
    Option B


  5. the rapid evolution of digital payments is altering the landscape of India
    and is serving as a model for other countries.
    the entry point for the Indian consumer is increasingly digital and remote,
    resulting in a revolutionary change in the way financial services are delivered.
    such businesses make money into the tax ambit.
    Option E


  6. Yet, only 83% of waste is collected and less than 30% is treated.
    wherein businesses are footloose and can run without any physical presence in a country
    This has purportedly been done to bring the digital economy
    to provide that “significant economic presence” in India shall constitute “business connection”.
    the 2018 budget proposes to amend clause (i) of sub-section (1) of Section 9 of the Income Tax (I-T) Act, 1961,
    Option A


  7. of a country open for business. “If you want wealth with wellness, come to India”,
    the quality of life in India’s towns and cities seems distinctly suspect.
    Yet, a closer examination of allocation of funds reveals that the budget had very little for women in it.
    to anyone tuned into Davos last month, Indian leaders presented an impressive picture
    was the message. For those closer to the ground, however,
    Option C


  8. Fittingly, India also stands at the forefront of the debate over data protection
    Uber Technologies Inc. flushed $4.5 billion down the drain last year as it spent heavily on
    Pimlico Plumbers Ltd., whose vans are ubiquitous in west London
    expansion and battled the missteps of founder Travis Kalanick.
    Oddly, a British plumbing firm may give it a sense of whether it can plug some unwanted future outflows.
    Option A


  9. after missing the May 2017 target.
    the opposition has increasingly questioned the government’s record in rural
    in the ongoing battle over how employers should treat “gig economy” workers.
    the deadline for electrifying all villages now stands at May 2018,
    electrification and alleged frequent shifting of goalposts. For example,
    Option C


  10. on women empowerment, despite a pink-colour themed
    there were admittedly some sops to women
    Economic Survey that dedicated a chapter to son preference.
    budget 2018-19 failed to match the accompanying rhetoric
    that the Narendra Modi government has indeed made progress
    Option E



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