English: Odd Sentence Set 21

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. coupled with worsening state fiscal deficits,
    She fell into the bathtub and drowned, it added.
    has raised India’s economic vulnerability sharply.
    the Union government’s worsening fiscal trajectory
    with no meaningful measures to stop the deterioration,
    Option B


  2. from the very beginning, Trudeau’s visit remained in the focus
    At Biocon, she wants to focus on insulin therapy and wants the company to provide a Biocon product to one in five people across the world.
    on 18 February unlike the exception he made for his recent high profile guests,
    apparently signalling India’s unhappiness with Trudeau’s alleged closeness to Sikh separatist leaders in Canada.
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not show up to receive Trudeau at the airport
    Option B


  3. The panel will also assess the efficacy of various types of bank audits in mitigating such frauds and divergence in asset classification
    when asked if regulator Reserve Bak of India (RBI) has issued any other instruction to banks
    RBI has instructed the banks to put in place the safety mechanism with respect to global money transfer software SWIFT .
    other than integrating the core banking solution with the SWIFT system, Kumar said he has no further knowledge on the issue. He said
    and the banks are in a position to comply with that by April.
    Option A


  4. though this is not true of the scale of the fraud pulled off at the expense of Punjab National Bank.
    Both the cause and effect of the latest scam suggest yet another manifestation of crony capitalism.
    the uncovering of the Rs11,400 crore scam allegedly perpetrated by jeweller Nirav Modi
    seems to be setting off a domino effect with more instances being reported by investigation agencies.
    The buzz is that this kind of infraction involving working capital is par for the course,
    Option B


  5. the central bank’s board Y.H. Malegam, to look into the “increasing incidence of frauds in banks and measures to prevent it”.
    headed by noted chartered accountant and a former long-serving director on
    Last week, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) asked all banks to integrate their core banking solutions with the SWIFT
    Whatever has gone wrong, it is about the operational weakness and we have to keep that segregated from the risk.
    messaging network by 30 April. Just ahead of that, the banking regulator announced setting up a panel,
    Option D


  6. adding that India’s drug price regulator does not differentiate between large firms with high-quality
    standards and smaller ones lacking them while fixing prices, which is a problem.
    It further irked the Indian establishment when a convicted Canadian citizen and Khalistani separatist Jaspal Atwal was invited
    regulatory compliance is a big challenge for everyone across the world and firms in India
    need to adapt to changing regulatory environment at a rapid pace, she said,
    Option C


  7. The cause of death is listed as accidental drowning in the report.
    the director of preventive medicine, Dubai, Dr Sami Wadie.
    A copy of the forensic report, attached with the post, has a stamp of the “Ministry of Health UAE” and
    What may act as a trigger for a loss of confidence in India’s economy—and when—is unknown, but the worsening trend is clear.
    the paper quoted the UAE government’s forensic report on its official Twitter handle.
    Option D


  8. according to regulatory filings, Modi is on the board of five companies.
    The four LLPs incorporated in 2014 are maintaining a bare minimum
    of Rs1 lakh of authorized capital and no paid-up capital. Neeshal Enterprises,
    which is now an LLP, has long-term borrowings of Rs1.93 crore as of 2013
    but, more importantly, the government’s U-turn reflects its outdated understanding of globalization.
    Option E


  9. and no revenue is reported out of sales or manufacturing or services.
    the case goes to the very nature of speech on social media platforms.
    Taylor’s lawyers are arguing that Twitter is a virtual public square in which the First Amendment should apply.
    If that were so, not only Twitter but all social media would become subject to constitutional norms
    that usually only prohibit the government from restricting speech.
    Option A


  10. The online world as we know it would be radically transformed.
    The Prime Minister’s word turned out to be pandering to the Davos crowd,
    increased customs duty in more than 10 sectors to discourage imports.
    at the World Economic Forum, the Union finance minister presented a budget which significantly
    a week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi boldly proclaimed protectionism to be a global threat, as big as terrorism,
    Option A



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