English: Odd Sentence Set 23

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. which observes that a “duty structure that favours import of final products can act as disincentives for domestic manufacturers”.
    a remarkable feature of this budget is that it bucks the trend by actually raising
    and more recently due to the glitches on the GST front.
    customs duty across a slew of essentially labour-intensive sectors. This marks an
    effort to address the crisis over jobs lost due to FTA-related imports over time,
    Option A


  2. Long-term growth depends on continuous improvements in productivity and
    India needs to make that switch to lift its economic prospects and make the most of its demographic dividend.
    powerhouse driven by sweatshop labour to one propelled by high-tech products.
    China’s output at over 1.2 lakh papers was thrice India’s. As a striking parallel, China’s and India’s per capita incomes have diverged sharply over this period.
    innovation. China has transformed itself over time from being a manufacturing
    Option D


  3. job creation by offering import duty protection in labour-intensive sectors in particular.
    the Budget, in its rhetoric and tenor, has been unveiled with an eye on the eight
    overboard with freebies. There are two broad ideas driving it.
    Assembly elections and the general elections in 2019. It reaches out to the rural
    sector, workers, small industries and senior citizens without, however, going
    Option A


  4. the move by the Centre to bring back Long Term Capital Gains tax on equity
    investment classes such as debt.
    reduces the disparity that currently exists in the tax treatment of equity and other
    The preferential treatment meted out to equity, with no tax on gains made on shares
    shares and equity-oriented mutual funds is a step in the right direction as it
    Option D


  5. constituent companies’ earnings.
    for soaring stock prices, the latest Economic Survey has come up with an interesting explanation.
    they have been acting pretty much like free spirits. The BSE Sensex has vaulted by
    Stock prices, they say, are slaves to earnings. But in India, for the last four years,
    over 70 per cent in this period despite just a 14 per cent absolute expansion in its
    Option B


  6. Subramanian. It has eschewed stand-out ideas this time, with the CEA actually
    the Economic Survey 2017-18 is strikingly different in tenor and substance from
    the earlier two versions produced by the chief economic advisor, Arvind
    saying that the Government only needs to stick to what it has been doing so far.
    given the political economy context, is a prominent treatment of the agrarian crisis and the jobs question.
    Option E


  7. the Centre’s announcement on the bank-wise allocation of ₹ 88,139 crore of
    capital — ₹80,000 crore via recapitalisation bonds and ₹8,139 crore through
    budgetary allocation — is welcome on several counts. For one, it reinforces the
    Centre’s commitment to support weak public sector banks to meet their regulatory capital requirement.
    banks now have the ammunition to take steep haircuts to clean up their balance sheets.
    Option E


  8. Unhappy with this, the Centre has since added many caveats.
    shell out capital gains tax when they receive distributions through buybacks.
    46A of the Income Tax Act, shareholders in companies are by default required to
    recent years, making computations a complex affair for investors. Under section
    tax laws on share buybacks have already gone through multiple iterations in
    Option A


  9. they may yet be withdrawn or watered down after securing a face-saving, transactional win-win concession.
    the slump in global financial markets last week, including in India, is a measure of
    the level of the widespread unease at the prospect of a trade war following the
    US administration’s proposal to impose tariffs on up to $60 billion of imports from
    China. The tough talk from Washington was matched — decibel for gruff decibel
    Option A


  10. three consecutive days of decline in the stock market may have rattled investors,
    with the benchmark Sensex gaining 28 per cent, followed by a stellar pre-budget
    rally in January 2018, appears to have lulled investors into a sense of complacency.
    from a long-term perspective, to create the base for the next up-cycle.
    but this is par for the course. It’s just that the strong run by Indian equity in 2017
    Option D


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