English: Odd Sentence Set 25

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. Fears of a patchy monsoon have added to its apprehensions
    as expected, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has chosen to keep repo rates unchanged
    for not reducing interest rates are decidedly ambivalent. On the domestic side, the RBI Governor
    citing a range of risks – internal and external – that could destabilise the economy. However, its arguments
    has observed that the Centre’s intent to hike farm support prices could lead to higher borrowings
    Option A


  2. a large part of Indian banks’ non-performing asset (NPA) woes can be traced
    to the fact that when their lending decisions go awry, they sweep them under the carpet to present a palatable financial picture to the public
    pad up their reported profits over the next few quarters
    allowed banks to defer the recognition of large mark-to-market losses on their bond portfolios made in the quarters ending December and March
    This window-dressing is now set to extend to their treasury operations too. The RBI has this week
    Option C


  3. The CMB is supposed to draw up a schedule for
    to the view that the tribunal had erred by not taking groundwater into account,
    come summer, and Tamil Nadu’s political class has again taken to the streets, this time against the Centre
    for not setting up the Cauvery Management Board (CMB), as directed by the Supreme Court in February
    the monthly release of water by Karnataka and ensure that this is implemented.
    Option B


  4. it is important to nail administrative culpability and, more so, address process and policy failures
    It is, for instance, baffling that the CBSE prepared just a single set of question papers, against the usual practice of keeping two or three sets ready
    global tests such as GMAT, GRE and SAT are conducted without any leaks whatsoever
    has been acutely disorienting. While it is laudable that no time has been lost in tracking down the ringleaders
    for the lakhs of students appearing for the ‘board’ exams, the leak of the Class X Mathematics paper and the Class XII Economics paper
    Option C


  5. the last couple of years have seen quite a lot of dirty linen being washed in public about the flexible corporate governance standards at India Inc
    It is therefore quite surprising that there wasn’t a more comprehensive public debate around the recommendations of the Uday Kotak Committee
    on corporate governance, which submitted its report last October. The Securities and Exchange Board of India
    has now decided to implement the report on a piecemeal basis, accepting about 40 of the 80 recommendations, modifying others and jettisoning 18 proposals
    reduce concentration of powers and root out conflicted decisions such as over-the-top managerial pay
    Option E


  6. just that bit hawkish when the central bank refers to factors that may yet cause inflation to spike
    Though the stance continues to be neutral and the rates are unchanged, the language appears
    in the second half of the next fiscal
    rate hike appears clearly on towards the third quarter of 2018-19, if not earlier
    the sixth and final monetary policy statement of the Reserve Bank of India for fiscal 2017-18 held no surprises, as expected
    Option D


  7. the Centre’s tax proposal is synchronous with the emerging international tax framework
    the Finance Bill, 2018 attempts to advance the effort, in India and in other jurisdictions, to find ways to tax the digital economy
    The Centre, which had in Budget 2016 slipped in an ‘equalisation levy’
    particularly when companies operate across borders without a ‘permanent establishment’ in the markets where their end-consumers are
    has now introduced an enabling clause under Section 9 of the Income Tax Act to empower it to tax entities based on the concept of “significant economic presence”
    Option A


  8. the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS), which promises to provide a cover of ₹5 lakh each to 10 crore households
    The initiative is likely to reduce “catastrophic” out-of-pocket expenses, which are estimated to drive a staggering 63 million
    to a population of over 33 crore, an additional ₹9,000 crore would be needed
    into poverty each year
    marks a big step forward to make secondary and tertiary healthcare affordable to the poor
    Option C


  9. 1.3 million people and transports a staggering 20 million or more passengers every day
    this is the second year after the accounts of Indian Railways were merged — some might say obscured
    of an organisation that generates revenues of over ₹2 lakh crore, employ
    lower than the budgeted sum of ₹55,000 crore for 2017-18, with the revised estimates for the current year
    with the rest of the budget. As a result, there has been little discussion on the plans, performance and outlays
    Option D


  10. it has had mixed success with making its charges stick
    place premeditated orders for identical quantities of stock at a pre-decided price
    involves small entities and obscure stocks, is illegal synchronised trading. In this, two parties
    But one widely-used market manipulation device that flies under the radar, mainly because it
    in the stock market, big-ticket crimes involving insider trading, front-running or price rigging hog the limelight
    Option A


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