English: Odd Sentence Set 27

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. does not necessarily lead to houses becoming more affordable, as prices remain artificially
    on the whole, the policy has decided to develop the heart of Mumbai further skywards, raising
    the SC collegium will now meet on Wednesday and if they resend Joseph’s name, it’s generally thought the government will be obliged to make the appointment.
    high in urban areas. Despite the introduction of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, the housing market remains a distorted one
    the FSI in commercial and densely populated regions. However, the creation of housing stock
    Option C


  2. junior at the time of their elevation. Also, it’s not that unusual for Kerala to have two judges in the highest court.
    affordable housing, whether in Mumbai or elsewhere, will remain only in paper, unless the sector is further reformed.
    the law minister offered two arguments against elevating Joseph to the Supreme Court. First,
    he’s low on the seniority list. Second, there’s already one Supreme Court judge from Kerala.
    Against those arguments, it’s been noted that several Supreme Court judges were relatively
    Option B


  3. India’s sugar industry has been historically subject to see-sawing fortunes, with three or
    four years of bumper cane harvests usually followed by two years of severe shortfall. The
    shortage years helped restore farmers and mills to health by liquidating excess stocks and lifting
    market prices for sugar and its by-products. But this cyclical pattern has been broken lately.
    but courts can strike this down as a violation of the power purchase agreement with the discoms.
    Option E


  4. uncertainty owing to post-GST tariff anomalies which were sorted out later by the GST Council.
    the outlook on solar has dampened over the last year due to the imposition of a 70-per-cent
    tariffs to ₹3.75 a unit, against the prevailing rate of about ₹3 a unit. The sector went through
    traditional services such as application development and maintenance, and software testing, which thrived mainly on labour cost arbitrage
    safeguard duty on imported solar modules. According to Crisil, the safeguard duty will push
    Option D


  5. as the IT industry’s growth rate spiralled down from 15-20 per cent to about 7 per cent in FY16,
    Discoms need to accept that a tariff of below ₹3 a unit is no longer viable for solar power producers.
    revenues) and one vertical (BFSI, 40 per cent).
    perceived as one-trick ponies over-reliant on just one geography (North America, 60 per cent of
    it attracted considerable criticism for clinging to archaic business models. Indian players were


  6. in the country for not delivering a verdict against the ruling party. At least one top jurist, former
    Chief Justice Mishra rejected pleas for probing the death of Judge Loya only serves to validate
    Jaitley’s argument that the Opposition, in particular the Congress, is attacking the top-most judge
    Windrush refers to a ship that carried Caribbean post-war migrants, who’ve been caught up in a harsh tightening of British immigration rules.
    Attorney General Soli Sorabjee, has publicly chastised the Congress for not being able to digest an unfavourable judgement.
    Option D


  7. see improved visa access for their citizens as a quid-pro-quo for more trade. As luck would have
    exporters are still facing trouble getting refunds on the State component. , particularly at a time when global demand has picked up. exporters are still facing trouble getting refunds on the State component. , particularly at a time when global demand has picked up.
    before the summit, Indian diplomats pointed out India wants freer travel and greater access for
    it, just as Britain’s Commonwealth charm offensive moved into high gear, the “Windrush” scandal broke.
    Indian skilled labour in exchange for any special trade deals. Other Commonwealth leaders too


  8. prices by about five per cent, particularly because bank finance without collateral is
    the funds crunch has left apparel manufacturers and exporters with no option but to increase
    of market. That is what is happening to Indian apparel exports. While intervention of the Prime Minister’s office ensured that much of the Central GST refunds have been released.
    prohibitively expensive. But in a fiercely competitive market, price increases lead to loss
    Meanwhile, China has virtually exited the low-wage arbitrage game, while its own consumption demand has improved.
    Option E


  9. according to Economic Affairs Secretary Subash Chandra Garg, there are already ₹6.7-lakh crore
    Average monthly demand for cash has more than doubled from around ₹20,000 crore two months ago to ₹45,000 crore, according to Garg.
    Despite being awash with cheap money, it appears that finance excelled at the expense of the real economy, post 2008.
    However, the demand for cash in the economy seems to have shot up to unusually high levels.
    worth of ₹2,000 notes in the system and, therefore, their printing has been halted.
    Option C


  10. the renminbi recorded its sharpest appreciation in nine years. The rise of the renminbi has
    occurred despite a sharp increase in China’s holdings in US treasuries in 2017.
    an early resolution is needed to prevent a deepening of the crisis in the apparels export industry.
    the US is also barking up the wrong tree by inveighing against ‘currency manipulators’. The
    greenback depreciated by about 10 per cent in 2017 against a basket of six currencies, while
    Option C


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