English: Odd Sentence Set 29

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. varied kinds of banking and finance problems seem to be spreading around the world.
    The outgoing New York Federal Reserve president William Dudley recently spoke about
    the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (Libor) fraud, the incoming president spoke about the
    need to improve banking culture, Bank of Italy officials are grappling with non-performing assets problems in their economy.
    So, is a blanket ban on plastic across the country economically and logistically viable?
    Option E


  2. of financial year (FY) 15 and is poised to grow at a steady 10.5% annually till FY20. At $7.64
    billion, plastic exports accounted for nearly 3% of India’s total exports in FY15-16.
    the Indian plastic industry provides employment to over four million people in
    Urjit Patel has highlighted that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) needs more powers to regulate ailing public sector banks.
    approximately 30,000 processing and manufacturing units. It was worth ₹1 trillion as
    Option D


  3. the last column in this space argued that in a world full of complex choices, simple rules are
    single rate to rid Indians of a complicated classification system. One can extend the logic of
    this argument to simplifying the GST compliance process as well.
    In this context, another recent report—the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) and Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations’ (Icrier’s) “Water Productivity Matching Of Major Crops”—holds important lessons.
    better than complex ones. It made a case to simplify the good and services tax (GST) to a
    Option D


  4. NITI Aayog’s recent report, “Composite Water Management Index”, underscores the looming
    There are many dimensions to the problem. One of the most important is agriculture, given that it consumes about 83% of India’s freshwater resources.
    Resolutions weaken, ties that bind start to fray and differences resurface as hard times become distant memories.
    every year due to inadequate access to water—and are set to become far more so.
    threat of India’s water crisis. Its current proportions are severe—about 200,000 people die
    Option C


  5. Western Europe has enjoyed peace and prosperity. That was partly due to the
    What will these two factors cost the BJP+ in terms of seats?
    it is decision time again in Europe. This time, the choices on the menu appear unpalatable.
    memories of economic suffering and colossal human loss in the previous three and a half decades (1909-45).
    The difference is in degrees. For the most part, in the last seven decades (1945-2015),
    Option B


  6. an attempt to find a plausible scenario for 2019, and to quantify the two biggest factors at
    predicting elections in a diverse country like India, and that too almost a year in advance, is
    The aspects which didn’t alter were the differences in the worldview of either side.
    play at the moment — the ebbing of the Modi wave, and the attempts at opposition unity.
    impossible. Hence, with that disclaimer, I concede that this article is not a forecast. It is
    Option C


  7. alliance, observed that the state’s chief minister Mehbooba Mufti provided adequate support for security operations.
    the unravelling of a political alliance is usually accompanied by bitterness and recrimination.
    That experiment has failed.
    In a welcome change, the breakdown in the BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir has
    been spared of it. Both sides have dealt with it maturely. Ram Madhav, BJP’s point man for the
    Option C


  8. Sayeed knew that if he did not go with BJP, he might have to contend with a hostile Centre,
    face militants’ mounting demand for azadi.
    BJP reciprocated by backing her suggestions such as the unilateral ceasefire.
    a blockade against the Valley given the party’s hold in Jammu. On the other side, he would
    with the party in power in Delhi calling for the scrapping of Article 370, and the possibility of
    Option C


  9. stay in workforce after childbirth by implementing Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act,
    it now seems that at least in the short term, it is counter-productive. The law, which raised the
    paid maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks, is estimated to have created a net job loss of 11 to 18 lakh women in ten key sectors this year, according to a study.
    This could make the situation extremely untenable for him.
    although India supposedly took a great leap in gender sensitivity and encouraging women to
    Option D


  10. To put the scale of the transformation in perspective, this is followed by 55-60 per cent in BFSI and
    50-55 per cent in automobiles. IT is at the epicentre of the disruption since its uses radiate across sectors.
    He took a calculated risk in going with BJP.
    according to the ‘Future of Jobs’ report by FICCI-Nasscom & EY, 60-65 per cent of the 40 lakh
    Indian workforce in the IT-BPM sector alone would be deployed in jobs that have radically changed skill-sets.
    Option C


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