English: Odd Sentence – Set 36

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. Mr. Netanyahu ran a contentious, ultra-nationalist campaign to drum up support for Likud and its allies.
    He had publicly aligned with Jewish Power, a fringe party known for its racist, anti-Arab views.
    The report noted that such a new Naval carrier would serve alongside India’s 45,000-ton carrier INS Vikramaditya — bought from Russia in 2004 — and the currently under-construction 40,000-ton INS Vikrant, and could give India a larger carrier fleet than Britain.
    He also exploited the security concerns of Israeli voters by presenting himself as the only leader capable of keeping them safe from “Palestinian terrorists” as well as Iran.
    If Mr. Netanyahu had said there wouldn’t be any Palestinian state under his watch during the 2015 election campaign, this time, a few days ahead of the poll, he said he would annex parts of the West Bank to bring Jewish settlements under Israeli sovereignty.
    Option C


  2. Given that it is difficult to fully secure a State with a history of violent attacks.
    Beyond security for the peaceful conduct of elections, the latest attack highlights the need for the security forces to keep updating their standard operating procedures.
    After the relatively peaceful conduct of the Assembly elections in the State late last year, it would have signalled a precipitous slide if the electoral process in Chhattisgarh were to be disrupted now.
    In most of the violence-hit regions of India, responsibility for security has been passed on to the paramilitary forces in abundant measure.
    It is important that adequate measures be put in place to protect the candidates in the fray, over 160 of them, for the 11 Lok Sabha constituencies that will go to the polls in three phases, on April 11, 18 and 23.
    Option D


  3. :
    Citing the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Pentagon Papers, he noted that neither the OSA nor any other law vests any power in the executive to stop publication of documents marked ‘secret’ or the placing of such documents before a court of law which may be called upon to adjudicate a legal issue.
    It is also a call for the civil administration to keep extending its reach in the forests of central India, especially Bastar.
    Referring to the publication of the Rafale documents in The Hindu, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi observed that “the right of such publication would seem to be in consonance with the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech”.
    It revivifies the rights of a free press and underscores the principle that it is public interest, and not the content of a document alone, that will decide whether disclosure is needed or not in a given case.
    The decision on the admissibility of the documents has significance beyond the Rafale issue
    Option B


  4. Unlike in 2009 and 2014, this manifesto is not expansive on the party’s cultural agenda, but its stated resolve to “mainstream” the people of the Northeast
    Its hardline approach on Jammu and Kashmir, and the recurring theme of an unforgiving state as the hallmark of a ‘new India’ all point towards a hardened nationalist course if the party were to retain power.
    While the BJP has its alliances, it is also emphatic in its pursuit of a majority of its own.
    The manifesto promises a Ram temple in Ayodhya, a national registry of citizens for the entire country, and citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs fleeing persecution in neighbouring countries.
    India assumed superpower status and made strides in sectors ranging from space technology to higher education almost exclusively on Mr. Modi’s watch.
    Option E


  5. While the parliamentary by-elections in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and the Assembly election in Karnataka
    For the ECI, the key technical issue with EVMs and VVPATs is not really in regard to tampering but to machine glitches.
    Last year had registered significant machine replacement rates (20% and 4%, respectively), these were brought down to less than 2% in later elections held in the winter months.
    Now that the Supreme Court has brought a closure of sorts to the issue, it is time for the ECI to focus on the hassle-free conduct of polls to the Lok Sabha and to four State Assemblies, and later consider other important issues — increasing voter enrolment, effective regulation of campaign financing and implementation of the model code of conduct.
    The ECI made technical fixes to the VVPAT to make them more resilient during use across the country, and it should be well-prepared to handle any glitches during the seven-phase Lok Sabha election.
    Option D


  6. Both could be characterised as part of social justice politics, but the accent and rhetoric of their respective politics are dissimilar.
    Their opposing positions on the use of English is a case in point — the SP has been rather late in blunting its anti-English edge, while the BSP’s Ambedkarite politics considers it as a tool of empowerment.
    The rout in the 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 U.P. Assembly elections have forced a rethink in their adversarial politics.
    Mr. Yadav is the inheritor of the rump of Socialist (Lohiaite) politics in the Hindi belt, which has been reduced to a purely caste-based entity around the SP’s Yadav support.
    Ms. Mayawati is an icon of Dalit empowerment, and since the 1990s has often been deft in building social alliances around her core vote.
    Option C


  7. However, the honouring of such debt, especially where it was linked to the grant of land, lease rights and mega-construction projects, will be complicated.
    The two governments agreed to exempt holders of diplomatic and official passports from visa requirements.
    As it seeks to unravel this web of Chinese loans, the new leadership has promised that what is owed would be paid.
    So far as India’s interests in the Indian Ocean Region are concerned, warm bilateral ties between New Delhi and Male are a high priority after five years of strategic drift that benefited Beijing considerably.
    According to some analyses, the surging influx of Chinese infrastructure investment under the Yameen administration may have caused the Maldives’ national debt to balloon to nearly a quarter of its GDP.
    Option B


  8. Any mistake by policymakers will affect India’s image as an investment destination.
    These are some issues that need to be solved sooner rather than later.
    The return of foreign capital is obviously a good sign for the Indian economy.
    Other emerging Asian economies will be competing hard to attract foreign capital, which is extremely nimble.
    But policymakers need to be careful not to take foreign investors for granted.
    Option B


  9. Urban local bodies in particular have a responsibility to care for the large number of vulnerable city dwellers.
    The key elements of protection in a heat wave are avoiding exposure during the hottest part of the day around noon
    India is looking at another uncertain monsoon, bringing into sharp relief the neglected potential of decentralised water-harvesting.
    These messages and weather alerts can be disseminated through television, mobile phone messaging and social media platforms.
    Especially in the case of senior citizens, staying adequately hydrated, wearing suitable clothing including headgear, and creating shade in public places.
    Option C


  10. It also positions the administration against the people, as has become clear from the political and legal challenges to the traffic restrictions.
    To throw civilians out of gear — as they were on the first day of the highway ban, on April 7 — defies logic.
    It must, instead, be a doubling up of the security protocol to make life more secure and hassle-free for civilians and soldiers alike.
    The Pulwama attack was a wake-up call about the security drills in place to prevent terrorist strikes.
    It demanded an appraisal, so that the lives of soldiers and civilians alike can be secured.
    Option C


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