English: Odd Sentence Set 8 (New pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams.

Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. A) In the battle between open and closed, Mr Macron is broadly for open in both trade and immigration.
    B)JeanMarie Fiévet, a fireman, will join her from a constituency in Deux Sèvres in the west. 
    C)They belong to La République en Marche! (LRM), the movement behind Emmanuel Macron, who last month also won his first ever election—and duly took control of the Elysée Palace.
    D) Florence Lehericy  is a nurse, but on Monday she is likely to start a new career as a parliamentary deputy for Calvados, in northern France.
    E)Both are political novices.
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      Option A
    Explanation:The correct sequence is DBEC. A talks about Mr macron and forms of trade but that is not relevant at all with remaining sentences.
  2. A)For 29 years, from 1934 to 1963, it was America’s toughest top security prison.  
    B)It was deemed impossible to escape from, and though there were several daring attempts it remains to this day doubtful whether any escapee ever made it to the mainland.
    C)Alcatraz. The name itself inspires terror and brings a shiver to the spine.
    D)The rock was ideally positioned as a base for the military defence of San Francisco Bay and in 1850 it was taken over by the US Army.
    E) Built on an inhospitable rock a few miles from the city of San Francisco and surrounded by cold treacherous waters, it was an ideal location to house the country’s most dangerous and violent criminals.
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      Option D
    Explanation:The correct sequence is CAEB. The starting sentence is C; talks about the name of something , A  and E explain it further and B  tells why it is so called .
  3. A)It has since become the most prominent tech startup in the world,  
    B) It has  been a wild ride. Seven years ago Uber launched itself as an app connecting well heeled users with nearby limousines
    C)with a valuation of $70bn.
    D)The company’s hard charging culture—embodied in Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co founder and boss—was celebrated, not questioned.
    E) Uber is going to strengthen its board, which has been under the thumb of Mr Kalanick.
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      Option E
    Explanation:The correct sequence is BACD.All the sentences except E are positive in meaning .
  4. A) By analysing wood samples, scientists can now say with almost complete certainty, not only what species the wood sample is, but the area of forest it originally came from.
    B)  In some countries, the destruction of tropical forests has reduced the natural habitat of endangered species. 
    C) And because tree DNA is unique to every tree, they can even identify the specific tree from which it was cut.
    D)Advances in genetic testing techniques have begun to prove invaluable in the war against illegal logging and uncontrolled deforestation
    E)So if timber that has been harvested illegally ends up in DIY stores or as flooring or furniture, it can be detected.
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      Option B
    Explanation:The correct sequence is DACE.The main idea is advancement in the field of genetics and its use in wood industry.
  5. A) The attorney-general omitted the fall in property crime, and the nationwide decline in violence that preceded the recent spike. 
    B)Activists worry about voting rights and police oversight.
    C)To hear  Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump tell it, American cities are becoming “war zones”; and Memphis, Tennessee is one of them.
    D) Visiting last month,Mr Sessions lamented a 43% rise in murders in 2016, to a record annual total.
    E)Heroin-related deaths were soaring too, he noted.
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      Option B
    Explanation:The correct sequence is CDEA. The passage talks about worsening situation in american cities.
  6. A)Despite great efforts to improve the quality of education for all, it is a common situation in many countries that far too many schools are still unable to reach appropriate targets.
    B) One common problem in failing schools is a lack of discipline
    C)This means that an insufficient percentage of their pupils gain an appropriate educational standard.
    D)and those schools where the pass rate among pupils is unacceptably low are deemed to be underperforming. 
    E) The standards required are measured in terms of results in standardized national tests,
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      Option B
    Explanation:The correct sequence is ACED.The mains idea is –  improving the quality of education.
  7. A) Studies show that getting a good IQ score is linked to physical exercise.
    B)Does a person’s intelligence never change?
    C)They believed that people’s IQ scores were determined by their genes and nothing else. 
    D)Will a person’s IQ score always be the same? In the past, scientists thought so.
    E)But about 20 years ago, Professor James Flynn discovered something interesting about IQ.
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      Option A
    Explanation: The correct sequence is BDCE
  8. A) For years residents of Dong Tam, a village on the edge of Vietnam’s capital, have fought for the right to continue tending farms on land earmarked for military development.
    B) Their patience evaporated in April, when authorities arrested a group of elders whom they had chosen to press their case with the government.  
    C)The villagers overpowered dozens of policemen who had been sent to secure the settlement, holding them captive in a municipal hall .
    D)The total area of farmland lost to development over the past two decades is difficult to quantify.
    E)Supporters blocked nearby lanes with rubble, and at least one hothead threatened to set the hall on fire.
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      Option D
    Explanation: The correct sequence is ABCE. The passage talks about the struggle of people in Dong tam village in vietnam.
  9. A)When he began in business, many of Ford’s ideas were new. Today, some of those methods have become standard.  
    B) Henry Ford once said, “There is one rule in business: make good quality products at the lowest possible cost and pay your employees well.”  
    C) The Model T was the first car designed for ordinary people.
    D) It is a principle that helped the Ford Motor Company become a successful global business.
    E) It is good advice for any businessman today.  
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      Option C
    Explanation:The correct sequence is BEDA. The passage tanks about the ideas of  henry ford.
  10. A)Without their support, officials feared, the party’s grip on power would be in jeopardy. 
    B)To Mr Xi, the lawyers look like an organised, liberal-minded force that could challenge the legitimacy of Communist rule.
    C)Shortly  after he took over as China’s leader in 2012, Xi Jinping had some encouraging words—at least, so they seemed to some of China’s eternally beleaguered liberals.
    D)His exhortation was aimed at the rapidly growing middle class that wanted the Communist Party to rule with a lighter and fairer touch.
    E)It was essential, said Mr Xi, “to ensure that all citizens are equal before the law, to respect and guarantee human rights, and to enable citizens to enjoy extensive rights and freedoms in accordance with the law.”  
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      Option B
    Explanation:The correct sequence is CEDA. The main idea is victory of Xi jinping and his winning speech and strategy to include middle class in his agenda.




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