English: Odd Words for upcoming Exam Set 6

For each of the words given below, a contextual usage is provided. From the alternatives given, pick the word that is the most inappropriate as a substitute in the given context and mark its number as your answer.


  1. Sparse: Time is sparse when one works in the modern day corporate world.
    A) scant
    B) paltry
    C) meagre
    D) sumptuous
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    Option D
    Explanation : Sparse means limited / rare so it can mean scant ( rare ) ; paltry ( small  ) ; meagre ( inadequate ) but can’t be sumptuous that means luxurious .
  2. Eclectic : The gallery is known to select only relatively new and eclectic works. You will not find classics or traditionally successful works there.
    A) Assorted
    B) facsimile
    C) dilettantish
    D) motley
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     Option B
    Explanation : Eclectic means  mixed and diverse so it can be assorted (wide / broad range) ; dilettantish (comprehensive) ; Motley (mixed /varied ) but can’t be Facsimile that means – same/ identical
  3. Indicted: Pak-origin Chicago cab driver indicted for supporting al-Qaeda.
    A) inculpated
    B) Raved
    C) Incriminated
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       Option B
    Explanation : Indicted means accused / charged . Inculpated also means accused ; Imputed – blamed ;  Raved means admired so it is the wrong word here.
  4. Solace : He took solace in the arms of rugby players.
    A) Perturbation
    B) assuagement
    C) diversion
    D) alleviation
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       Option A
    Explanation : Solace means relief or pleasure therefore it can be  used interchangeably with assuagement ( delight) ; diversion (pleasure) ; alleviation  (comfort) but not with Perturbation which is used to mean excitement  
  5. Extradition : Murder suspect extradited to Victoria.
    A) relegation
    B) transfer
    C) deportation
    D) repatriate
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      Option D
    Explanation : Extradition means expulsion. Repatriate is restoration so wrong here.
  6. Dwindle : In situations when we need to be mentally strong, our faith and confidence dwindles.
    A) languish
    B) throng
    C) recede
    D) shrivel
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    Option B
    Explanation : Dwindle means diminish/ decline so it can be used as languish ( fall ) ; recede ( decline )  as well as shrivel ( decline ) but not as throng meaning gather .
  7. Bigot: The sincerity of either man can only be doubted by the bigot and the fool.
    A) liberal
    B) sectarian
    C) enthusiast
    D) dogmatist
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    Option A
    Explanation : Bigot means intolerant / prejudiced person so it can mean dogmatist ( radical ); enthusiast ( fanatic) ; sectarian ( intolerant) but can’t be liberal.
  8. Ubiquitous: He aims to make his product ubiquitous by selling it internationally.
    A) Ordinary
    B) pervasive
    C) sporadic
    D) recurrent
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       Option C
    Explanation : ubiquitous means widespread/popular so it can means ordinary ; pervasive ;recurrent ( frequent ) but not  sporadic ( occasional ).   
  9. Impasse : According to them, the investigation into the activities of that ship had come to an impasse.
    A) pickle
    B) liquefy
    C) scrape
    D) plight
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       Option B
    Explanation : Impasse means a  road or passage having no exit so it can mean pickle ( trouble) ; scrape ( mess) ; plight ( difficulty ) but can’t be liquefy ( open )   
  10. Vacillate: His tendency to vacillate makes him a poor leader.
    A) scruple
    B) totter
    C) resolute
    D) fluctuate
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      Option C
    Explanation : Vacillate means unable to decide ( indecisive ) therefore it can be totter ( hesitate ) ; scruple ( doubt ) and fluctuate but can’t be resolute  ( determined)     


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