English: Odd Words for upcoming Exam Set 9

Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct?

  1. Gorkhaland has a strategic location, it’s vicinity to the chicken neck that connects rest of India with North East.
    A) verge,  leg
    B) proximity,  leg
    C) ambience,  neck
    D) vicinity, neck
    E) contiguity, neck
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      Option D
  2. Individuals have limited control over how data collected from them are used; in many cases, they do not even have undisputed ownership of their own personal information.
    A) over, undisputed
    B) on, uncertain
    C) at, argumentative
    D) over, contentious
    E) on, doubtful
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      Option A
  3. Perhaps the most important finding of the study was that the slum leaders weren’t necessarily local thugs who ruled through fear and intimidation.
    A) decision,  threat
    B) discovery, duress
    C) finding, intimidation
    D) verdict, terror
    E) decree,  terror
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      Option C
  4. Failure on this count could hurt employment generation, exacerbate economic inequality and threaten social unrest.
    A) alleviate, guard
    B) assuage, protect
    C) exacerbate, threaten
    D) ameliorate, reaasure
    E) conciliate, protect
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      Option C
  5. Rank seems to be the only thing that counts, with relative position in the table attracting more attention than the processes by which the rankings are achieved.
    A) inviting,  targeted
    B) attracting, achieved
    C) drawing, attained
    D) appalling, emphasized
    E) averting, elaborated
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      Option B
  6. While evacuation of power to the South was not possible earlier due to transmission constraints, it has now been made possible due to improved connectivity in the region.
    A) insertion, connection
    B) withdrawal, connectivity
    C) excretion, connectivity
    D) laxation, connection
    E) evacuation, connectivity
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      Option E
  7. The challenge of solid waste management in Indian cities is now receiving belated but welcome attention and about time too.
    A) getting,  on
    B) taking, over
    C) welcoming, for
    D) receiving, about
    E) getting, about
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      Option D
  8. All the new roads ,proposed to construct were being aligned to run southwards towards India from the main centres of Bhutan.
    A) aligned, centres
    B) levelled,  locations
    C) arranged,  points
    D) organized, areas
    E) staightened,  places
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      Option A
  9. Indian democracy is both rumbustious and fractious.
    A) disorded, amicable
    B) dirty, agreeable
    C) rumbustious, fractious
    D) infringed, affable
    E) obedient, calm
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      Option C
  10. By demanding Gorkhaland, the people of Darjeeling-Kalimpong are opting out of West Bengal’s domination, and opting in to the democratic frameworks of India writ large.
    A) choosing, reprive
    B) Opting, writ
    C) demanding, dismay
    D) electing, law
    E) picking, warrant
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      Option B

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    Rumbustious-boisterous or unruly.
    synonyms- boisterous, unrestrained, irrepressible, exuberant,rowdy.

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