English: One Word Substitution Set 19

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. One Word Substitution SSC CGL 2017 Exam

  1. Strong rush of air
    A) breeze
    B) gust
    C) windfall
    D) thunderstorm
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    Option B

  2. Seeing something that is not actually present
    A) hallucination
    B) error
    C) mistake
    D) blunder
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    Option A

  3. A noisy and aggressive speech before a long gathering
    A) chide
    B) scold
    C) incoherence
    D) harangue
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    Option D

  4. Study of plant and animal tissue
    A) histology
    B) cytology
    C) zoology
    D) biology
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    Option A

  5. Assembly or parliament in which no party gets clear majority
    A) minority
    B) loser
    C) hung
    D) hang
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    Option C

  6. One who pretends to be what he is not
    A) reposer
    B) hypocrite
    C) distruster
    D) incongruous
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    Option B

  7. A person’s peculiar habit
    A) peculiarity
    B) idiosyncrasy
    C) individuality
    D) singularity
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    Option B

  8. Without life
    A) animate
    B) inanimate
    C) unmovable
    D) inertia
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    Option B

  9. Incapable of being burnt
    A) combustible
    B) fireproof
    C) incombustible
    D) inflammable
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    Option C

  10. Something that is essential
    A) dispensable
    B) veteran
    C) rookie
    D) indispensable
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    Option D

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