English: One Word Substitution Set 24

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. One Word Substitution SSC CGL 2017 Exam

  1. Fear of dead bodies/death
    A) neophobia
    B) necrophobia
    C) glossophobia
    D) acrophobia
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    Option B

  2. Fear of blood
    A) aviatophobia
    B) dentophobia
    C) hemophobia
    D) acrophobia
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    Option C

  3. Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else
    A) pseudonym
    B) simile
    C) namesake
    D) reposter
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    Option C

  4. Addictive medicine which induces sleep
    A) narcotic
    B) drug
    C) marijuana
    D) hemp
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    Option A

  5. Fertile spot in desert where there is water
    A) mirage
    B) oasis
    C) lake
    D) pond
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    Option B

  6. Science dealing with the study of teeth
    A) ornithology
    B) ontology
    C) oncology
    D) odontology
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    Option D

  7. A government by a small group
    A) monarchy
    B) oligarchy
    C) aristocracy
    D) plutocracy
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    Option B

  8. An animal or human being who eats any kind of food
    A) herbivorous
    B) omnivorous
    C) carnivorous
    D) cannibal
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    Option B

  9. Science dealing with the study of eye
    A) ontology
    B) oncology
    C) opthalmology
    D) odontology
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    Option C

  10. A factory where military materials are produced
    A) ordnance
    B) gunnery
    C) ammunition
    D) connonry
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    Option A

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