English: One Word Substitution Set 34

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. 

  1. An uncontrollable urge to buy things
    A) mythomania
    B) megalomania
    C) oniomania
    D) hieromania
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    Option C

  2. Study of field crops
    A) pomology
    B) agronomy
    C) olericulture
    D) floriculture
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    Option C

  3. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, jewellery etc.
    A) boutique
    B) shop
    C) artillery
    D) cellar
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    Option A

  4. One who collects postage stamps
    A) bibliophilist
    B) patriot
    C) pessimist
    D) philatelist
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    Option D

  5. One who makes special study of animals or plants
    A) scientist
    B) naturalist
    C) cosmopolitan
    D) specialist
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    Option B

  6. One who takes an active part in politics
    A) activist
    B) politician
    C) minister
    D) supporter
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    Option B

  7. One who is honourably discharged from service
    A) emeritus
    B) retired
    C) official
    D) centenary
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    Option A

  8. Person who is skilled in horsemanship
    A) cavalier
    B) artilleryman
    C) councillor
    D) dexterous
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    Option A

  9. Person who maliciously sets buildings on fire
    A) hermit
    B) incendiary
    C) tartar
    D) swindler
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    Option B

  10. One who is in charge of museum or art gallery
    A) curator
    B) owner
    C) cynic
    D) pauper
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    Option A

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