English: One Word Substitution Set 44

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. 

  1. One who is doubtful
    A) sceptic
    B) cynic
    C) stoic
    D) sycophant
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    Option A

  2. Violent and uncivilised
    A) smother
    B) screech
    C) savage
    D) sojourn
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    Option C

  3. A stay for a short period
    A) quack
    B) journey
    C) sojourn
    D) siesta
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    Option C

  4. Period of sleep or rest after lunch
    A) siesta
    B) senility
    C) soliloquy
    D) sonorous
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    Option A

  5. One who stays away from school/work without permission
    A) turncoat
    B) stoic
    C) cynic
    D) traunt
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    Option D

  6. Evening prayer in the church
    A) verso
    B) vespers
    C) piquant
    D) wreathe
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    Option B

  7. Science of study of languages
    A) philology
    B) histology
    C) sinology
    D) ethnology
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    Option A

  8. Place where monks live
    A) abode
    B) church
    C) monastery
    D) abattoir
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    Option C

  9. A government by a small group of people
    A) oligarchy
    B) democracy
    C) aristocracy
    D) plutocracy
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    Option A

  10. Having every form or shape
    A) omnipresent
    B) omniform
    C) omnipotent
    D) omniscient
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    Option B

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