English: One Word Substitution Set 46

  1. Study of inscriptions
    A) epigraphy
    B) demography
    C) philology
    D) seismology
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      Option A

  2. A form of government in which a select few rule on the basis of inherited hereditary right
    A) autocracy
    B) aristocracy
    C) fascism
    D) anarchy
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      Option B

  3. A government through trade union organisations
    A) socialism
    B) fascism
    C) syndicalism
    D) fabianism
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      Option C

  4. That which is without opposition
    A) unaware
    B) verdict
    C) unanimous
    D) spontaneous
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      Option C

  5. Lasting only for a very short while
    A) transparent
    B) sojourn
    C) temporal
    D) temperate
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      Option B

  6. Talking about the affairs of other people
    A) teasing
    B) gossiping
    C) criticising
    D) slanderous
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      Option B

  7. A person born or living at the same time as another
    A) corollary
    B) accessory
    C) contemporary
    D) auxiliary
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      Option C

  8. Someone beyond reform
    A) irreversible
    B) irrevocable
    C) irredeemable
    D) irreparable
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      Option C

  9. Medical examination of a body after death
    A) diagnosis
    B) irradiation
    C) corpse
    D) autopsy
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      Option D

  10. The process of deciding nature of a disease by examination
    A) test
    B) perusal
    C) diagnosis
    D) operation
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      Option C

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