English: One Word Substitution Set 55

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. 

  1. Forcing out(blood etc) from the vessel
    A) vestiary
    B) extravaganza
    C) extravasate
    D) extraction
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    Option C

  2. Elderly woman in charge of a girl on social occasions
    A) hood
    B) chaperon
    C) sepulchral
    D) bier
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    Option B

  3. Deviation or departure from common rule of standard
    A) anomaly
    B) amnesty
    C) sycophancy
    D) emeritus
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    Option A

  4. A book or picture produced mainly to bring in money
    A) mercenary
    B) potboiler
    C) fugitive
    D) frugal
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    Option B

  5. Cutting all the waste paper into pieces
    A) stropping
    B) striping
    C) strapping
    D) shredding
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    Option D

  6. A verse letter
    A) epistle
    B) testament
    C) erudite
    D) epitaph
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    Option A

  7. A person who wishes to throw over all the establishments
    A) democratic
    B) cynic
    C) anarchist
    D) plucky
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    Option C

  8. Walk in a vain, self important way
    A) sway
    B) strut
    C) bully
    D) venial
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    Option B

  9. One who thinks that human nature is essentially evil
    A) sycophant
    B) hermit
    C) cynic
    D) altruist
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    Option C

  10. Something left in a will by someone who has died
    A) beleaguer
    B) testament
    C) testimony
    D) legacy
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    Option D

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