English: One Word Substitution Set 56

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. The study of ancient civilisations
    A) history
    B) anthropology
    C) ethnology
    D) archeology
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    Option D

  2. To be dogmatic in one’s opinions
    A) plaintive
    B) opinionated
    C) secular
    D) pathetic
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    Option B

  3. Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family
    A) optimism
    B) plagiarism
    C) nepotism
    D) regionalism
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    Option C

  4. Fluent and clear in speech
    A) emotional
    B) epicure
    C) articulative
    D) confident
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    Option C

  5. One who eats human flesh
    A) carnivore
    B) herbivore
    C) glutton
    D) cannibal
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    Option D

  6. To bite like a rat
    A) chew
    B) cut
    C) split
    D) gnaw
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    Option D

  7. Soldiers who fight on horseback
    A) infantry
    B) artillery
    C) cavalry
    D) armoured
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    Option C

  8. That through which light cannot pass
    A) lucid
    B) transparent
    C) hazy
    D) opaque
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    Option D

  9. A man who wastes money on luxury
    A) extempore
    B) thrifty
    C) extravagant
    D) gaudy
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    Option C

  10. One who is out to destroy government
    A) anarchist
    B) villain
    C) criminal
    D) enemy
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    Option A

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