English: One Word Substitution Set 58

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. Bitter and violent attack in words
    A) diacriticism
    B) diadem
    C) diaspora
    D) diatribe
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    Option D

  2. Belief that war and violence are justified
    A) bellicism
    B) pessimism
    C) optimism
    D) pacifism
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    Option A

  3. Expert in scientific study of birds
    A) dermatologist
    B) ornithologist
    C) zoologist
    D) birdologist
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    Option B

  4. A place where nuns live and work
    A) church
    B) school
    C) abode
    D) convent
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    Option D

  5. A government in which all religions are honoured
    A) communist
    B) socialist
    C) secular
    D) capitalist
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    Option C

  6. Customs and habits of a particular group
    A) mores
    B) tradition
    C) rites
    D) ritual
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    Option A

  7. Severely abusive writing in journals
    A) abuse
    B) speculative
    C) scurrilous
    D) sarcasm
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    Option C

  8. One not concerned with right or wrong
    A) moral
    B) amoral
    C) immoral
    D) immortal
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    Option B

  9. A specialist who tests eyesight
    A) optician
    B) opthalmologist
    C) ichthyologist
    D) neurologist
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    Option B

  10. A person with a long experience of any occupation
    A) veteran
    B) rookie
    C) seasoned
    D) ambidextrous
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    Option A

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