English: One Word Substitution Set 68

Important One Word Substitution Questions for SSC CGL, CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. A sneering person who always finds faults
    A) cupid
    B) cynic
    C) kleptomaniac
    D) crone
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    Option B

    cupid – god of love
    crone – frightening old woman
  2. A long journey especially by sea
    A) flight
    B) voyage
    C) odyssey
    D) safari
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    Option B

    odyssey – an adventurous voyage
    safari – a trip to any undeveloped area
  3. A person who kills somebody especially for political reasons
    A) criminal
    B) assassin
    C) murderer
    D) hangman
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    Option B

    hangman – An executioner responsible for hanging criminals
  4. One who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinions
    A) bigot
    B) heresy
    C) fanatic
    D) zealot
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    Option A

    heresy – views in variance with established religious beliefs
    fanatic – enthusiastic person for some cause
    zealot – fanatic
  5. Person who is rough and ill mannered
    A) cajole
    B) boorish
    C) sycophant
    D) debonair
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    Option B

    cajole – a flatterer
    sycophant – yes man
    debonair – urbane and sophisticated
  6. An unconventional style of living
    A) matin
    B) abysmal
    C) bohemian
    D) dilettante
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    Option C

    matin – morning prayer
    abysmal – something extremely bad
    dilettante – an amature
  7. One who is brilliant performer of music on stage
    A) virtuoso
    B) vibrant
    C) verbatim
    D) verso
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    Option A

    verbatim – word for word
    Verso – left hand page of a book
  8. A thing kept in memory of an event
    A) trophy
    B) plaque
    C) souvenir
    D) reminisce
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    Option C

    plaque – flat/thin piece of metal
    reminisce – to recall the past memories
  9. Elderly woman in charge of a girl on social occasions
    A) supervisor
    B) chaperon
    C) sepulchral
    D) bier
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    Option B

    sepulchral – grave
    bier – platform to place coffin
  10. Walk in a vain, self important way
    A) tirade
    B) harangue
    C) bluster
    D) strut
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    Option D

    tirade – angry or violent speech
    harangue – tirade
    bluster – pompous talk

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