English: One Word Substitution Set 7

Important One Word Substitution useful for various exams like SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. To cut apart a person’s body
    A) amputate
    B) mutilate
    C) ambush
    D) mitigate
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    Option B

  2. Murder of a king
    A) homicide
    B) parricide
    C) regicide
    D) mariticide
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    Option C

  3. A list of items to be transacted at a meeting
    A) menu
    B) minutes
    C) record
    D) agenda
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    Option D

  4. An inscription on a tomb
    A) epitaph
    B) crypt
    C) obituary
    D) legacy
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    Option A

  5. Practice of employing spies to a war
    A) esplanade
    B) espadrille
    C) estrangement
    D) espionage
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    Option D

  6. An order requiring a person to attend a court
    A) courtship
    B) agreement
    C) command
    D) subpoena
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    Option D

  7. One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views
    A) religious
    B) fanatic
    C) bigot
    D) sacrilege
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    Option C

  • One who is filled excessive enthusiasm about his religion
    A) fatalist
    B) fanatic
    C) lunatic
    D) stoic
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    Option B

  • Place where wine is made
    A) bakery
    B) cloakroom
    C) tannery
    D) brewery
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    Option D

  • Something that cannot be taken away
    A) legible
    B) souvenir
    C) inalienable
    D) impregnable
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    Option C

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