English: Phrasal Verbs Set 1

Important Phrasal Verbs for exams – IBPS PO/Clerk, SBI, IBPS RRB, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B, BOI, OBC SO, BoB and other competitive exams.

Each phrasal verb is followed by its meaning/s and related usage.

  1. Account for
    Meaning: (i) provide or serve as a satisfactory explanation for, explain
    Examples: He was brought before the Board to account for his behaviour. Can you account for the missing files?
    Meaning: (ii) succeed in killing, destroying, or defeating., eliminating
    Example: They accounted for 14 of the 18 enemy aircraft, destroyed at a cost of eight British lives.
    Meaning: (iii) constitute, make up, comprise
    Example: Social security accounts for about a third of total public spending.
  2. Act as
    Meaning: to serve or perform a job or role, temporarily or permanently
    Example: He’ll act as manager from now on. Until Kayla returns from her maternity leave, Sharon will act as lead analyst.
  3. Act on
    Meaning: (i) to take action
    Example: I will act on this immediately.
    Meaning: (ii) to perform on something, usually the stage (in a theater).
    Example: Ken has never acted on the stage or in front of a camera.
  4. Act up
    Meaning: (i) (of a thing) fail to function properly
    Example: the plane’s engine was acting up
    Meaning: (ii) behave badly.
    Example: All children talk back and act up from time to time
    Meaning: (iii) Of a medical condition, to become problematic or troublesome, usually after a period of remission.
    Example: Jake played football with his friends today, and now his old knee injury is acting up.
    (iv) be promoted to a more senior position on a temporary basis.
  5. Add to
    Meaning: to increase the amount or intensity of something.
    Example: The increase in fuel prices will add to the cost of living in the city.
  6. Add up
    Meaning: (i) to calculate the sum or total of multiple items.
    Example: Can you add up these numbers?
    Meaning: (ii) to equal the expected or presumed amount.
    Example: These numbers just aren’t adding up—I think I made a mistake somewhere.
    Meaning: (iii) to be logical or believable.
    Example: I listened to Jill’s explanation, but I’m still skeptical—something just doesn’t add up.
    Meaning: (iv) to become a significant amount. Usually used in reference to increasing expenses.
    Example:  It will take a while for you to become a master, but all this practice really does add up.
    Meaning: (v) to judge someone or something
    Example: As I waited for my interview to start, I studied the other candidates and added up my competition.
  7. Add up to
    Meaning: to equal or amount to something.
    Example: The cash in the drawer doesn’t add up to the amount of sales we made today.
  8. Aim at
    Meaning: (i) to point or guide an object, such as a weapon, at a target.
    Example: Make sure you aim at the target before you pull the trigger.
    Meaning: (ii) to target a particular issue or goal.
    Example: The new program is aimed at helping struggling students get the tutoring they need to succeed in class.
    Meaning: (iii) to direct something at a specific person or group.
    Example: I could tell that his rude remarks were aimed at me even though he did not mention my name.
  9. Allow for
    Meaning: to plan for or consider something in advance.
    Examples: I didn’t allow for traffic this morning, and now, I’m going to be late. I’m afraid we won’t have enough food—I didn’t allow for so many guests.
  10. Amount to
    Meaning: (i) to become (successful). Almost always used in the phrases “amount to anything” or “amount to something,” which both mean the same thing.
    Example: When will this play amount to something? It has yet to get one positive review!
    Meaning: (ii) to be a certain total.
    Example: My tips this week only amount to $40.



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