English: Phrasal Verbs Set 2

Important Phrasal Verbs for IBPS exams – IBPS PO/Clerk, SBI, IBPS RRB, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B, UIICl, OICL, BoB and other competitive exams.

Each phrasal verb is followed by its meaning/s and related usage.

  1. Back Down
    Meaning: (i) withdraw a claim or assertion in the face of opposition.
    Example: Party leaders backed down
    Meaning: (ii) to go down something backwards, such as a ladder or inclined driveway.
    Example: Harry backed down the ladder safely.
    Meaning: (iii) to yield something in an argument. 
    Example: She backed down on her demands.
    Meaning: (iv) to decide not to do something because others say you should not do it
    Example: Most of the speakers opposed the budget cuts, but the mayor said she would not back down.
  2. Back Out
    Meaning: (i) withdraw from a commitment
    Example: If he backs out of the deal they’ll sue him
    Meaning: (ii) to move out of something backwards.
    Example: The rabbit tried to back out of its burrow.
    Meaning: (iii) to withdraw from something, such as an agreement, negotiations, an argument, etc.
    Example: Are you going to try to back out of our agreement?
  3. Back Up
    Meaning: (i) to move backwards.
    Example: Back up, you’re standing too close to me! Will you back your car up a little?
    Meaning: (ii) to save copies of computer files in another place, in case the original files become inaccessible.
    Example: If you didn’t back up your files before the computer crashed, they may be lost forever.
    Meaning: (iii) to become clogged and impassable.
    Example: Traffic is totally backed up, due to all that construction.
    Meaning: (iv) to return to an item previously mentioned.
    Example: Whoa, back up—Janet and Jim are getting married?
    Meaning: (v) to support or assist someone. A person’s name or a pronoun is used between “back” and “up” in this usage.
    Example: Please back me up on this, so the boss doesn’t think I’m an idiot.
    Meaning: (vi) an alternate to be used if it becomes necessary for some reason, typically the failure, ineffectiveness, or the absence of the original.
    Example: I brought three backup pens, in case this one runs out of ink during the exam.
    Meaning: (vii) appearing in the background in support of a main act or performer.
    Example: She’s auditioning backup dancers for her world tour today.
  4. Bail Out
    Meaning: (i) to pay for someone’s release from jail.
    Example: Bailing my son out from jail was the low point of the year.
    Meaning: (ii) to remove water from an unwanted place, typically by using a bucket.
    Example: After all that rain, my dad and I have been bailing out our basement all day. We’ll sink if we don’t bail out the boat now!
    Meaning: (iii) to leave or abandon something.
    Example: We had been working on this project for months, and then John just bailed out on us.
    Meaning: (iv) To jump from an airplane with a parachute.
    Example: I bailed out at the last second, just before the plane crashed.
  5. Bank On
    Meaning: rely on confidently.
    Example: I’ve really been banking on a holiday bonus this year.
  6. Bear Down 
    Meaning: (i) to advance in a threatening manner. 
    Example: The ship bore down on our canoe.
    Meaning: (ii) to apply maximum effort and concentration: 
    Example: If you really bear down, you will finish the task.
  7. Bear Out
    Meaning: to prove to be right or justified; confirm
    Example: The test results bear out our claims.
  8. Bear Up
    Meaning: to withstand stress, difficulty, or attrition
    Example: The patient bore up well during the long illness.
  9. Beat Down
    Meaning: to force or persuade (a seller) to accept a lower price
    Example: I beat him down 500 rupees.
  10. Beat Up
    Meaning: to strike or kick (a person), usually repeatedly, so as to inflict severe physical damage
    Example: The child was sent to see the principal after threatening to beat up a smaller boy on the playground.

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