English: Phrase Replacement/Sentence Corrections — Set 87

Directions(1-10): Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C), (D) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (E) ie ‘No correction required’ as the answer.

  1. Government should not stop to spending money on arms and ammunition in the wake of the present strained relations.
    should not stop spending
    shall not be stopped to spend
    will not stop to spend
    should not be stopping to spend
    No correction required
    Option A


  2. The one-act play was so humorous that it was hardly impossible to keep a straight face.
    is hardly impossible
    was almost impossible
    is hardly possible
    was barely impossible
    No correction required
    Option B


  3. One of the politicians have open admittance that he had resorted to corrupt practices.
    have opened admittance
    has opened admittance
    has openly admitted
    have been open admittances
    No correction required
    Option C


  4. The unkind comments passed by her superiors made her resign.
    unkindly comments passing by
    unkind comments passing on
    unkind comments posed by
    unkindly comments passed on
    No correction required
    Option E


  5. The ban on public meetings have been lifted temporarily in view of the auspicious occasion.
    have been temporarily lifted
    have been lifting temporarily
    had been lifting temporary
    has been lifted temporarily
    No correction required
    Option D


  6. Except for you and I, everyone brought a present to the party.
    With the exception of you and I everyone brought
    Except for you and I, everyone had brought
    Except you and me, everyone brought
    Exception of you and me, everyone had brought
    No correction required
    Option C


  7. Had I realised how close I was to falling, I would not have gone to the party.
    If I would have realised
    Had I realise how close
    When I realised how close
    If I realised close
    No correction required
    Option E


  8. If he was to decide to go to college, I, for one, would recommend that he go to Yale University.
    If he were to decide to go to college
    Had he decided to go to college
    In the event that he decides to go to college
    Supposing he was, to decide to go to college
    No correction required
    Option A


  9. Being as I am a realist, I could not accept his statement that supernatural beings have caused the disturbance.
    That I am a realist
    Being a realist
    Being that I am a realist
    Realist that I am
    No correction required
    Option B


  10. Although he is able to make political enemies with this decision, the Prime Minister does not mind doing it for the sake of public welfare.
    liable from
    of a mind to
    acknowledging his liability to
    liable to
    No correction required
    Option D


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