English: Phrase Replacement/Sentence Corrections — Set 95

Directions(1-10): Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C), (D) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (E) ie ‘No correction required’ as the answer.

  1. The load-shedding, however justifiable it may be, has been aggravating the problems.
    has been aggravated
    have aggravated
    have been aggravating
    would have been aggravated
    No correction required
    Option E


  2. The executive had received several warnings before been suspended finally for his lack of punctuality.
    after suspension
    after suspending
    before suspended
    before being suspended
    No correction required
    Option D


  3. Accordingly to the senior partner’s instructions they have remitted the amount to your bankers.
    According on
    On accord of
    In accordance with
    Accordingly as
    No correction required
    Option C


  4. The museum has planned of a te n-day exhibition showcasing the rich culture of the South.
    plan for
    has been planning
    planning on
    have a plan
    No correction required
    Option B


  5. Since the collapse of his business he has become frequent depressed and addicted to alcohol.
    frequent depression and addicted for
    frequently depress and addict to
    frequently depressing and addicted on
    frequently depressed and addicted to
    No correction required
    Option D


  6. The government will refrain from intervening in the dispute except the company requests it to do so.
    with the dispute except
    in the dispute unless
    to the dispute excepting
    in the dispute without
    No correction required
    Option B


  7. The issue of employee pension schemes will come to the Governing Board meeting next week.
    shall come about in
    will come before
    will come up at
    shall come to
    No correction required
    Option C


  8. The steep rise in oil prices is the reason on account of which we must conserve energy.
    the reason
    the reason for
    the reason because
    the reason to
    No correction required
    Option A


  9. Several customers have requested that the branch timings on weekdays should be changed to reduce inconvenience.
    is changed
    have changed
    shall change
    can change
    No correction required
    Option E


  10. Having failed to plan their political campaign in advance the party members got each other into a mess.
    get one another
    got themselves
    have got anyone
    has got everyone
    No correction required
    Option B


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