English: Phrase Replacement/Sentence Corrections — Set 38

Directions: Which of the phrases A, B, C, and D given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given, mark E as the answer.

  1. The failure to quickly recapitalise PSBs has adversely impacted the economy in a number of ways.
    A) in a lot of ways
    B) in so many ways
    C)  in many ways
    D) many ways
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option C 
  2. The meagre pension gives them little semblance of dignity and independence.
    A) less
    B) least
    C) few
    D) some
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option D 
  3. Every village has a Kanku Devi. Now 50, she has a congenital disability that has rendered her limbs lifeless.
    A) that rendered her
    B) that had rendered her
    C) that have rendered her
    D) which rendered her
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option A 
  4. The inability to open and use bank accounts, seed them with Aadhaar and Bhamashah, and then withdraw pension payments from their accounts using biometric authentication every month has resulted into sanctioned beneficiaries being removed from pension lists.
    A) has been resulting in
    B) resulting into
    C) resulted in
    D)  is resulting in
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option D 
  5. The social security pension system in Rajasthan other welfare system being broken by this tidal wave of digital solutions.
    A) many other
    B) much
    C)  another
    D) one other
    E)  No Correction  Required
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       Option C 
  6. Resolution requires banks to write portion of their loans in order to render projects viable.
    A) writting-off
    B)  to write-off a
    C) to put down a
    D) to write-down a
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option B
  7. The proposed recapitalisation bonds are likely to add to the fiscal deficit unless the government resorts to other fudges such as getting the Life Insurance Corporation of India or a separate holding company to issue the bonds.
    A) issue
    B) for issuing
    C) to issue to
    D) issuing
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option E 
  8. Analysts also fretted at repeated bailouts of PSBs and the costs to the exchequer.
    A) fret over
    B) fretted over
    C) fret for
    D) fretted for
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option A 
  9.  The Jharkhand Minister for Public Distribution has rescinded the order requiring the cancellation of ration cards not seeded with Aadhaar.
    A) which are not seeded
    B) that which not seeded
    C) are not seeded
    D)  were not seeded
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option E
  10. The government’s recapitalisation move promises to do much to quickly usher in ‘acche din’ than any other single measure it has initiated during its tenure.
    A) several
    B) many
    C) more
    D) so much
    E) No Correction  Required
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       Option C


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22 Thoughts to “English: Phrase Replacement/Sentence Corrections — Set 38”

      1. Srishti

        Verb of attribution requires relatives like “that” or “which”. So 9 is correct in its given form.

        1. Tapan

          what is the right answer of question 9 ? i do not happy with E

          1. Srishti

            I am not happy with E either.
            But that’s life, dude! ?

          2. Tapan

            in question no 9 why option no 1 is not correct? please explain. and i am a MAN not dude.

          3. Srishti

            Read the sentence carefully. It has “has” as the helping verb. If the clause is followed by relatives , only and only then it would be apt to use is/are.

            Rescinded is a verb of attribution hence use of which/that is incorrect.

            And, Google defines DUDE = MAN, so get a confirmation!

            Hope it helps!

          4. Tapan

            I am not the type of man who can be called Dude, (see Wiki), I am a Man like the Warrior Karna.
            thanks for the reply and clear explanation. Have a nice day.

    1. Srishti

      In Q4
      Rule of present progressive:- present progressive has been used to indicate actions that started at some point of time before now, continuing at present And will end at some point of time after now

      When you write-off sth, you eliminate an item from account.

      1. %%%

        mam 4th me
        A) has been resulting in………….ye bhi to aa skta h na phir
        why opt D) is resulting in

        1. Srishti

          Present perfect continuous is used when the time is indefinite. Here we know when the cycle has started and is continuing after every month.

          Hope it helps! 🙂

  1. DAS

    mam some question confusing.

  2. DAS

    subhra mam
    I have some doubts.

  3. Komal Dahiya

    @mod… plz xplain 4 n 9..

  4. Sudipta Basak

    plz, not provide only ans,
    explain all of the question.

    1. Srishti

      Ask your doubts!

  5. Sourav

    few questions are there which could have 2 right answer.

  6. gomathy priya

    @shubhra mam, doubts in many questions

  7. " Born To Win "

    @disqus_PiSRYmLY5L:disqus mam
    qus 2 me
    some k bad plural ata h semblance ke jagah semblances kyu nhi h ?

    1. Srishti

      resemblance = resemblances
      Similar = similars

      Aisa koi plural suna hai kya ?
      Likewise semblance is correct usage!

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