English: Phrase Replacement/ Sentence Improvement Set 103

Directions(1-10): In the following question, a part of the sentence is given in brackets. Below are given alternatives to the bracketed part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is required, choose “No Improvement” option.

  1. The (same gang was spotted fell) trees inside the forest during the lockdown on 19 April.
    Same gang were spotted felling
    Same gang was spotted felling
    Same gang was spot felling
    Same gang was spot felled
    No correction required
    Option B


  2. The (Indian team had defeat hosts) England by 36 runs to lift the T20 Physical Disabled Cricket Series in August last year.
    Indian team has being defeated hosts
    Indian team was defeated hosts
    Indian team had defeated hosts
    India team had defeated hosts
    No correction required
    Option C


  3. Mira, the wife of famous Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor and a mother of two daughters, (took aback from social media), where she shared a note
    lauding children.
    Took above social media
    Took down social media
    Took off social media
    Took to social media
    No correction required
    Option D
    The phrasal verb ‘take aback’ means to be surprised or shocked.
    ‘Took down’ means to move from a higher to a lower level or place or to pull apart or take apart. Thus, it does not fit here as she is lauding via an online post she made on social media and not taking anything down.
    ‘Took off’ means to physically remove something or someone from someone.
    The only correct phrasal verb is ‘took to social media’ means to express their views on social media.
    Thus, option D is the correct answer.


  4. We don’t give much importance to the other little things and moments which can (make life worth cherishing).
    Make life worths cherishing
    Make life worth cherish
    Make life worthy cherish
    Make life worthy cherishing
    No correction required
    Option E
    The statement is correct, both grammatically and contextually and the statement requires no correction. Thus, the correct answer is option E.


  5. The WHO (have come under widespread scrutiny) recently for a few valid and many invalid reasons.
    are coming under widespread scrutiny
    has coming under widespread scrutiny
    are come under widespread scrutiny
    has come under widespread scrutiny
    No correction required
    Option D


  6. In order to make the drug widely available and easily accessible so that (treatmenting can be starting) early, the drug was moved from Schedule X to Schedule H1 last month.
    treatmenting can start
    treatment can be started
    treatmenting to start
    treatment can be starting
    No improvement is required
    Option B


  7. Timely diagnosis and (easily and widely availability) of the drug are expected to reduce mortality.
    easily and wide availability
    easily as well as wide availability
    easy and wide availability
    easy and widely availability
    No improvement is required
    Option C


  8. India’s 14th President will be (expected to play the important role of) safeguarding the spirit of the Constitution and the foundations of our parliamentary democracy.
    expecting to play the important role
    expecting in playing the important role
    expectations to play the important role
    expecting for playing the important roles
    No improvement is required
    Option E


  9. The candidate secured an impressive victory, receiving more than the number of votes pledged to him, signifying acceptance levels (that go away the parties political) spectrum.
    that going far from the party’s political
    that go beyond the party’s political
    that went far from the parties political
    that going beyond the parties political
    No improvement is required
    Option B


  10. Instituting processes of national innovation, (rather than waiting to imitate) a good idea from some other country, is perhaps the most important lesson of economic history.
    rather than awaiting to imitate
    further waiting to imitate
    waiting for imitation
    moreover waiting for imitating
    No improvement is required
    Option E



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