English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 57

Directions: In each question below a sentence is given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence.

  1. The meeting in Islamabad between former naval commander Kulbhushan Jadhav and his family should have been a sign that India and Pakistan are able to _____to internationally accepted norms in dealing with officers accused of _____.
    adhere, espionage
    bond, tailing
    fasten, overview
    cohere, service
    None of these
    Option A

  2. To have objected to the frisking, change of _____ and removal of the mangalsutra necklace, bindi, and so on obscures other, more _______ actions that India could rightfully have taken up.
    raiment, slight
    airstrip, rank
    attire, egregious
    brand, atrocious
    None of these
    Option C

  3. An illness around for three decades in U.P.’s Gorakhpur turned out, primarily, to be ______ typhus last year, while epidemics in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur were linked to lychee consumption, again ______ among children.
    rasp, obese
    scrape, scrawny
    mob, spare
    scrub, emaciated
    None of these
    Option D

  4. It is the comparative _______contained in the Report that makes it useful. India-based researchers have for some time now pointed out that the country is becoming ___equal since 1991.
    aspect, more
    effective, minor
    perspective, less
    affect, subordinate
    None of these
    Option C

  5. A _______focus on the trappings of democracy, from _______election campaigns to stylised skirmishes in the legislatures, has not worked to deliver its promise.
    solemn, tranquil
    sacramental, subdued
    decorous, placid
    ritualistic, frenetic
    None of these
    Option D

  6. In a _______that truly defines India, farmers are being goaded by policies to provide food security, ________groundwater conservation, and now, protect Delhi from pollution, while Delhi elites are required to do nothing.
    paradox, ensure
    absurd, exposure
    enigma, freed
    quandary, forget
    None of these
    Option A

  7. India should be _________of any attempts at being _________as a front in the U.S.’s efforts to check China’s rise.
    wary, pitted
    guarded, flush
    alert, flat
    sassy, bumped
    None of these
    Option A

  8. More importantly, it would not be an _________to say that India has always been ___________by both sides and has been a balancing power on the world stage.
    honesty, shunned
    distortion, discouraged
    exaggeration, wooed
    decrease, ignored
    None of these
    Option C

  9. This is the template for India to take forward to build its _______in the IOR before venturing into _____________waters while also making sure that its interests are taken heed of while getting into various groupings and not end up doing someone else’s bidding.
    exiguity, remote
    primacy, adjacent
    degeneracy, away
    lack, apart
    None of these
    Option B

  10. The principle has allowed the ________of the Internet, from one as a means of communication and a destination for information to becoming a parallel, virtual universe that __________to social interactions, business, knowledge dissemination, and entertainment among other things.
    dropping, serves
    dwindling, supplies
    burgeoning, caters
    withering, boards
    None of these
    Option C


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