English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 66

Direction (1-10): In each question below a sentence is given with two blanks. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence respectively.

  1. Past research suggests that Indian voters make _______________ judgments based on simple ________________ (for example, the caste of party leaders) to determine their party preferences and vote choices.
    dull, antidote
    civil, compromise
    blunt, heuristics
    shrewd, concession
    All are correct
    Option C


  2. Implementation is key, however, and it remains to be seen how much this government will be able to _________________ on this front in the remainder of its ________________.
    accomplish, tenure
    execute, dignity
    give up, capacity
    abandon, caption
    All are correct
    Option A


  3. While becoming an FDI hub for R&D, particularly in software, technology ________________ issues need to be addressed. The Centre could drive ______________ innovation — which as the Unesco report says, has emerged as India’s strength — in medical devices, solar power and financial services.
    dispersion, generous
    abstinence, prodigal
    centralize, lavish
    diffusion, frugal
    All are correct
    Option D


  4. The Survey does present a different set of data on employment based on social security data to show that there are more ________________ persons in the non-farm sector which is interesting as this angle has not been ________________ earlier.
    inscribed, analyzed
    rejected, probed
    enrolled, explored
    passed, prospected
    All are correct
    Option C


  5. Despite good harvests in crops such as pulses, farmers did not get _____________ prices. Many crops are being sold below the cost of ________________ or the minimum support price .
    lucrative, damage
    remunerative, production
    injurious, abscond
    baneful, output
    All are correct
    Option B


  6. The UP government must be ________________ for promoting institutional deliveries with an ________________ of ₹1,400 in the case of rural women and ₹1,000 in the case of urban women under the Janani Suraksha Yojana.
    liked, spur
    icky, encumberance
    appreciated, incentive
    understood, blues
    All are correct
    Option C


  7. The Finance Minister should make it a point to _______________ exporters that their grievances will be sorted out soon. What one can possibly see in the Budget is an increase in direct and other taxation rates to balance the ______________ in GST revenues.
    assure, fluctuations
    demoralize, swings
    flabbergast, resolutions
    perturb, stabilities
    All are correct
    Option A


  8. The Survey rightly points out the need to eliminate ____________ taxes ______________ . The new indirect taxes regime has madeIndia is at a disadvantage even compared to Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.
    lodged, instantly
    embedded, expeditiously
    emphatic, awkwardly
    excavated, immediately
    All are correct
    Option B


  9. In the ________________ software development environment, the developer needs to don multiple hats. Besides coding, he/she needs to able to appreciate the business _________________ and understand clients’ domain.
    active, philosophy
    smart, folly
    agile, logic
    clumsy, gibberish
    All are correct
    Option C


  10. The PWD is either art blind or insensitive to the effort and imagination that goes into street ______________ . Perhaps that alone explains why it recently went on a whitewashing ____________ ahead of the Asean conference.
    bands, generosity
    details, frolic
    features, care
    murals, spree
    All are correct
    Option D



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