English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 127

  1. The Council has passed the ______________ against the magazine for their irresponsibility _____________reporting.
    codes, of
    strictures, in
    penalty, with
    ban, on
    laws, majority
    Option B


  2. The New Industrial Policy is a result of the confidence the government_______________ in the ___________of the Indian industry.
    would, status
    has, maturity
    has, profitabilty
    was, opinion
    were, existence
    Option C


  3. The Chairman _______________ the share holders that the management would ____________ itself to increase industry.
    assurance, share
    assured, balance
    assured, exert
    assuring, produce
    assuring, try
    Option C


  4. Workers in earlier days were _____________ because of which the industries ___________ a lot.
    honest, lost
    rich, flourished
    autocrats, developed
    inefficient, suffered
    idle, prospered
    Option D


  5. The speaker’s ________________ over his subject was seen through his ____________ in the discourse.
    mastery, fluency
    efficiency, thorough
    lethargy, dull
    grip, boring
    skill, pleasant
    Option A


  6. The judge _______________ him because he was found _____________ on the basis of the evidence.
    acquitted, criminal
    punished, guilty
    sentenced, innocent
    suspended, involved
    pardoned, innocent
    Option B


  7. If you do not ______________, all your monthly expenses would ____________ your income.
    spend, gain
    save, outwit
    economise, exceed
    think, swallow
    realize, enhance
    Option B


  8. We upset ourselves by responding in an ________________ manner to someone else’s actions.
    Option B


  9. How do you expect us to stay in such a ___________ building even if it can be hired on a nominal rent ?
    Option A
    Scruffy- shabby and untidy or dirty.


  10. Had the driver been ____________ the accident could have been ___________.
    alert, averted
    negligent, avoided
    expert, escaped
    drunken, averted
    precautious, prohibited
    Option A


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