English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 129

Directions: The following question has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits in the context of the sentence.

  1. The short-term priority is to remove _____________ clauses in policies and _____________ coverage to as many people as possible.
    defamatory, exempt
    discriminatory, expand
    enriching, withheld
    degrading, magnifies
    boring, stop
    Option B


  2. The activities approved for toting up a teacher’s _____________ performance indicator are many, _____________ beyond teaching and research.
    popularity, training
    academic, extending
    cuteness, going
    strength, power
    happiness, great
    Option B


  3. Problems of exclusion will be eliminated if the payer-insurer is the state, the _____________ is done through public taxes, and coverage is _____________ .
    loading, unreal
    funding, imaginary
    financing, universal
    projection, hazy
    sponsoring, questionable
    Option C


  4. Delayed monsoons, preceded by a _____________ monsoon last year, and depleting groundwater levels have _____________ the crisis.
    Deficient, exacerbated
    derogatory, promoted
    poor, fancied
    enjoyable, viewed
    enhancing, borne
    Option A


  5. In addition, growing _____________ of society on ideological lines has made the job of _____________ fake news easier.
    masses, observing
    divergence, collecting
    numbers, sorting
    polarization, spreading
    multitude, financing
    Option D


  6. Investors can think of putting in at least 10 per cent of their savings in gold as it has the _____________ to be an _____________ for the portfolio in a fragile trade environment.
    purpose, disturbance
    status, inspiration
    potential, insurance
    possibility, indictment
    reasoning, arrangement
    Option C


  7. Central banks across the globe are preparing to loosen monetary policies, to _____________ their respective economies and it is expected that gold will continue the ongoing _____________ .
    spur, momentum
    inspire, synergy
    enervate, juncture
    encourage, matches
    design, cooperation
    Option A


  8. Basic principles of credit _____________ and monitoring are obviated in PSBs and must be sharpened to _____________ defects of capital, business purpose and character.
    lending, reduce
    assessment, emphasize
    evaluation, clarify
    appraisal, diagnose
    prevention, roughen
    Option D


  9. Buildings must _____________ be examined and certified for safety, and those that fail to _____________ to the NBC must be demolished.
    surely, stick
    intermittently, respect
    intensely, purview
    periodically, conform
    positively, toughen
    Option D


  10. Promoters of MSMEs must have _____________ in the game to ensure that funds — venture capital, as well as bank loans made liberal by fiat — are not _____________ off.
    interest, taken
    name, bought
    skin, siphoned
    feet, stolen
    hands, signed
    Option C
    Skin in the game (Idiom)

    Meaning: to be at risk financially because you have invested in something that you want to happen

    E.g.: You take more ownership of something when you have some skin in the game.

    Siphoned off (Phrasal verb)

    Meaning: to gradually steal money or goods, usually from a business or government

    E.g.: Over the years, she siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars from various accounts.


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