English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 132

Directions: In each of the questions given below, three sentences are given with a single blank. Select the correct option that fits in with all the three statements logically and grammatically.

  1. I. Cab aggregator Uber proposed measures to ________ concerns expressed by the State government over its fare policy, including “self-regulation” of dynamic pricing to minimise impact on riders.

    II. The politician is scheduled to visit the city on July 3 for two days and ________ various public gatherings while in the city.

    III. India’s purchases of commercial aircraft and gas from the US would help bridge the trade deficit between the two countries even as they agreed to hold official talks soon to ________ trade and economic irritants between them.

    None of the above
    Option D


  2. I. The State Real Estate Authority has mapped nearly 4,500 projects registered with it under the GIS, enabling citizens find ________ details of homes of their choice on its website.

    II. The Secretary was given detailed instructions, one of which was to ________ the proceedings of every meeting that was to take place the following day.

    III. European Union leaders took hardly a ________ to unite over a warning to Britain’s prime minister that she risked a disorderly British exit from the bloc unless she broke the months of political deadlock and made “realistic” proposals.

    None of the above
    Option B


  3. I. When news began circulating of an imminent acquisition deal between the two companies during Cannes Lions, both ________, noting that rumors abound at the event.

    II. People from the US administration have visited India and demanded that it should send a “signal” by privatising the State Bank of India but the Indian government ________, fearing a backlash of people’s anger.

    III. I saw a stunning selection of delicacies and was tempted to try them but they were all made of meat, so I ________.

    None of the above
    Option B
    Demure refers to someone who is reserved, modest, and shy.
    Demurrage refers to a charge payable to the owner of a chartered ship on failure to load or discharge the ship within the time agreed.
    Demur means to raise objections or show reluctance.


  4. I. Even to the most ________ optimist, the G7 summit in Quebec earlier this month was proof that the geopolitical West is breaking up and losing its global significance

    II. Malaysia’s former Prime Minister has become an ________ user of Facebook in recent weeks, using the social network to defend himself from allegations of corruption linked to the MDB fund.

    III. An ________ romantic, the author talks of the city in the same terms you would use to describe an intimate relationship.

    None of the above
    Option B
    Invidious refers to an action likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others.
    Inverted means upside down/inside out.
    Invertebrate is used to refer to animals lacking a backbone.
    Inveterate means having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change.


  5. I. Severe loss of blood in any minor injury is an __________ that the patient is suffering from some kind of blood disease.

    II. This may be a courtesy visit but it is an __________ that the relation between the brothers is improving.

    III. The situation is Syria is fast worsening since there is no __________that either the government or the opposition is ready to cede ground.

    None of the above
    Option D


  6. I. With the end of the Cold War, the centre of global power __________ from Soviet Russia to the USA and Europe.

    II. Though he came to the meeting, he was not at ease and his gaze __________ from one place to another throughout the meeting.

    III. They have __________ to their new flat long back without intimating anybody.

    None of the above
    Option B


  7. I. The Income Tax Department raided the house of the politician in order to __________ all the ill-amassed wealth.

    II. The last step of her dance performance was enough to __________ the attention of the producers.

    III. It is very important to __________ any opportunity in life since chance once lost is lost forever.

    None of the above
    Option C


  8. I. Once you explain the situation to your teacher, she might ________ your failing grade and give you another opportunity.

    II. You can apologize and ________ your hurtful words, but I’ll still feel the pain.

    III. After being sued, the magazine was forced to ________ the fictitious article.

    Option D


  9. I. Since she never wears shoes, it was ________ that she would get a piece of glass in her foot.

    II. The changing of the seasons is an ________ aspect of the Earth’s climate.

    III. When the misbehaving twins get together, trouble is ________ and bound to happen.

    Option B


  10. I. The matter was considered morally dubious but also _______ given the circumstances and therefore, the government decided to go for it in a covert manner.

    II. In the letter, the Prime Minister explained that implementing a budget of $10 million for the upcoming fiscal would be extremely challenging and hence did not consider it ________, to increase the same to accommodate the extra funds needed for the 2019 general elections.

    III. Being well aware of the importance of leadership skills, the institute deemed it ________to include academic leadership as a separate subject begining from the next session.

    None of the above
    Option B
    Expeditious means done with speed and efficiency.
    Expedition: a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.
    Exposition means a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.
    Expedient means convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral, suitable or appropriate.


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