English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 147

Directions(1-10): The following question carries two sentences with one blank in each, followed by five alternatives, are given. Choose that option as the answer which can fill both the blanks of both the sentences.

  1. A) To __________ the significance of a promise, you must take note of the circumstances under which it was written.
    B) The house was a good investment, as its value was sure to __________ over the years.
    Option C
    The first sentence talks about the significance of a promise. The word in the blank must state the action that will be performed on the significance of the promise. All the words except “rise” will fit the blank as the construction “to rise” is incorrect here. You “raise” the significance and not “rise” it.
    With reference to the second blank, a good investment like a house will definitely enhance the value of the same in future. Thus, “appreciate”, which means increase is the correct word for the blank. The word will also fit correctly in the first sentence.


  2. A) There are hundreds of children around the country who will be adversely affected by this __________.
    B) The life of the __________ class has been comfortable and luxurious since ancient ages.
    Option B
    We need a noun in the first blank as “this” is the adjective here, which would modify the noun in the blank. In the second blank, we require an “adjective” that would modify the noun “class”. Both A and B can fit in the first blank, but only B, C, D and E will fit in the second blank. Since only “ruling” would fit in both of them, option B is the correct answer.


  3. A) He wasn’t involved in anything illegal and you have no _________ to be concerned about spending any of the money he acquired.
    B) The case against __________ and rationality will be presented in the form of arguments that give reasons for these beliefs.
    Option B
    “Evidences”, the plural word will not fill wither of the blanks. In the first one, the plural will not fit as “no”, “any”, etc. do not take a plural noun after them. In the second blank, the plural subject will break the rule of parallelism as “rationality is in the plural form.
    “Rational” is an adjective and cannot be placed in either of the blanks as both of them do not have a noun to modify. Options D and E will not fit in the first blank. “Reason” fits appropriately in both the blanks, thus, option B is the correct answer.


  4. A) The clinical __________ was supposed to establish whether the new replacements were working.
    B) The newspaper accounts of the __________ were not detailed.
    None of the above
    Option B
    In the first blank, we need a noun to be modified by the adjective ‘clinical’. This eliminates the adjective “immaculate” (clean).
    “Malaise” which means unhappiness or restlessness will not make sense in the first blank. “Tribute” will not fit in either of the blanks. “Trial” fits appropriately in both the blanks. Thus, option B is the correct answer.


  5. I. Because the police were waiting for him to try and sell the diamond, the jewel thief had no idea his __________ behaviour had been discovered.
    II. The king took it upon himself to personally execute the __________ soldier who led the enemy into the castle.
    Option B
    The sentence I implies that the jewel had no idea that his deceitful behaviour was discovered when the police were waiting for him to try and sell the diamond.
    The sentence II implies that the king took the responsibility to carry out the legal action against the dishonest soldier who led the enemy into the castle.
    Out of the given options, perfidious means ‘deceitful and untrustworthy’.
    Therefore, option B is the correct answer.
    Garrulous: excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters


  6. After observing a ______for almost 10 hours, Reena started devouring the food as ______as she could.
    Option A
    ‘Fast’ is the word that should be used here, as it fits both the blanks. ‘Fast’ in the first case refers to abstaining from food or drink. [Fits in the first blank]‘Fast’ means performing or able to perform a particular action quickly. [Fits in the second blank]Hence, option A is the correct choice here.
    Ponder means to think about something carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
    Yonder means at some distance in the direction indicated.
    Reconnoitre means to make an observation or survey of an area.


  7. During our ________to Darjeeling, a small stone caused my sister to ________ due to which she hurt her knees.
    Option B
    ‘Trip’ fits both the blanks here and hence it should be used here.
    Trip when used as a Noun refers to a journey or a tour. [Fits in the first blank]Trip when used as a Verb means to stumble, to miss a step and fall. Sometimes, it is also used as a noun. [Fits in the second blank]Hence, option B is the correct choice here.
    Venture means a risky or daring journey or undertaking. Venture also refers to a business enterprise, typically one that involves risk.


  8. While walking down the _______of the hall, I said to Pramit that the movie will surely ______both of us.
    Option C
    ‘Entrance’ should be used here, as it fits both the blanks.
    ‘Entrance’ here refers to an opening, such as a door, passage, or gate, which allows access to a place. It is used as a noun here. [Fits in the first blank]‘Entrance’ is used as a verb in the second blank. Here it means to enchant, charm, or enamour [Fits in the second blank]Hence, option C is the correct choice here.


  9. Suneeta said that she will not ______ to pick the _______ from the streets and put them in the dustbins.
    Option A
    “Refuse” is the correct answer here.
    When the word ‘refuse’ is used as a verb it indicates or shows that one is not willing to do something. [Fits in the first blank]When the word ‘refuse’ is used as a noun, it refers to matter thrown away or rejected as worthless; rubbish. [Fits in the second blank]Hence, option B is the correct choice here.
    Indulge means ‘to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of’.


  10. I had to spend a _____ in order to check the______ details in the painting.
    Option E
    ‘Minute’ should be used here as it fits both the blanks.
    ‘Minute’ means a period of time equal to sixty seconds or a sixtieth of an hour. ‘Minute’ in the second context means extremely small. [Fits in the first blank][Fits in the second blank]Hence, option E is the correct choice here.
    The word ‘Mark’ when used as a noun refers to a small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings, typically one caused by
    damage or dirt.
    ‘Mark’, when used as a noun, means to make a visible impression or stain on.


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