English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 164

Directions (1-8): Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from the list of options given below.

  1. The referee allowed the teams to play on without blowing the final whistle _______ one of them scored a winning goal.

    Option C
    A word which expresses the idea of ‘up to the point of the even mentioned’ i.e scoring the winning goal should be used here.
    Until is a word which acts as a preposition and conjunction.
    Here we find that the referee has allowed the teams to play up to the point where one scores the winning goal.


  2. The fierce struggle for press freedom did not end _______ was it any less diminished.
    Option E
    We are talking about two things that are not going to happen (negative possibilities).
    The ending of the struggle and the diminishing of it.
    In such a scenario we should use conjunction that can well express these negative possibilities.
    Out of the given options only nor can be used while expressing two negative possibilities.
    Nor: A conjunction used before the second or last of a set of negative possibilities. Thus we can conclude that the correct preposition to be used here is Nor .


  3. While we got independence from British rule on August 15, 1947, our country was still _______ a concrete constitution.
    has been lacking
    has lacked
    Option C
    The tense used in the given sentence must be past continuous tense.
    The past continuous tense is used to show that an ongoing past action was happening at a specific moment of interruption.
    The structure for the past continuous tense: was/were + verb in -ing form
    Notice the verb ‘was’ used before the blank. So, we must use the present participle ‘lacking’ in the blank.


  4. Multinationals can all too easily relocate their headquarters and production to _________jurisdiction levies the lowest taxes.
    Option E


  5. A huge floating device designed by Dutch scientists to clean up an island of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean that is three times the size of France has successfully __________plastic from the high seas for the first time
    picked on
    picked up
    looked out
    handed over
    broke down
    Option B
    Option A -Picked on- means -to bully.
    Option C -Looked out- which means -to watch out.
    Option D -Handed over-which means -to pass responsibility to someone else.
    Option E -Broke down- which means -to stop working
    Option B -Picked up- which means -to collect.


  6. ___________ the birth of the solar system, vast amounts of dust and gas circling the sun coalesced into the eight known planets.
    Option E


  7. Saturn has ___________ from Jupiter as host to the most moons in the solar system after astronomers spotted 20 more lumps of rock orbiting the ringed planet.
    taken over
    taken on
    taken out
    taken off
    taken after
    Option A
    Option B -Taken on- means -to become very upset.
    Option C -Taken out-means -to take someone out.
    Option D -Taken off-means -to depart hastily.
    Option E -Taken after- means -to resemble.
    Option A -Taken over-which means -to replace someone.


  8. The threat of a Turkish offensive marks the end of a US-Turkish arrangement established in August that ___________ troops from both countries carrying out joint patrols in a ‘safe zone’ along the border keeping Turkish and Kurdish forces apart.
    is seeing
    has seen
    Option D


  9. Directions(9-10): In the given questions, a statement with one blank followed by three alternatives is given. Out of the given three alternatives, one or more than one can fill the given blank. Choose the set of words from the given options which can be used to fill the blank.

  10. A rebound in Chinese shares and a rally in Italian bonds ________________, as a renewed burst of dollar strength and South Africa’s slump into recession, ramped up pressure on emerging markets again.
    1. failed to keep Europe’s spirits up
    2. had both raised to new profits overnight
    3. showed mounting stress on factories across Europe.

    Both 1 & 3
    Only 1
    Only 2
    Both 2 & 3
    Only 3
    Option A
    If we read the part which is given after the blank we get to know that in the blank there should be a negative statement so that it can relate to the sentence.
    Also, in the blank, there should be a verb first.
    If we read the sentence 1 and 3 we get to know that these are the only sentences which are in the negative sense. Hence these sentences are the correct answer.


  11. Democracy is a nebulous concept for Indians, _____________ when the British left India.
    1. yet this progress has been too slow
    2. who got the universal adult franchise on a platter
    3. whose have been making progress on all fronts of social development
    Only 1
    Only 2
    Only 3
    Both 2 & 3
    All 1,2,3
    Option B
    Option 1- the usage of a conjunction ‘yet’ is incorrect it means ‘at the same time’ also it is vague to say that which progress is talking about.
    Option 2 fits the blank correctly as it forms a meaningful sentence.
    Option 3 is wrong as the sentence is grammatically incorrect.


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