English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 87

Direction (1-10): In each question below a sentence is given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence.

  1. In the event of an e-way bill lapsing if a vehicle breaks down in __________________ , there could be documentation challenges. The law does not focus on __________________ vehicles as goods are shifted — they could head anywhere, carrying goods no one knows about.
    transit, abandoned
    traverse, deserted
    progress, rejected
    transport, abdicated
    All are Correct
    Option A


  2. While a __________________ in the Centre’s borrowing costs is not good news for taxpayers, it is not altogether a bad thing for domestic borrowers. For too long, Indian governments (both Centre and States) have been shielded from the consequences of fiscal __________________ by their iron grip on the bond market through banks and the RBI.
    spear, prudence
    spike, profligacy
    skewer, economy
    transfix, frugality
    All are Correct
    Option B


  3. The budgetary outlay on education must be doubled from present levels of 3.5 per cent of GDP so that both brick and mortar institutions as well as digital instruction get a __________________ . We need better educators to cope with today’s knowledge and pedagogical __________________ .
    raise, caprices
    increase, notions
    boost, realities
    advance, desires
    All are Correct
    Option C


  4. Given the seriousness of the issue, it would have been useful if SEBI has __________________ on its reasons for cherry-picking proposals. But overall, Indian investors may be more keen to see prompt enforcement actions on governance that bring the many __________________ of recent scams to book.
    enhanced, achievers
    developed, confiders
    detailed, authors
    elaborated, perpetrators
    All are Correct
    Option D


  5. Socio-economic issues have not __________________ due attention. Agrarian __________________ remains a concern even as large parts of the State grapple with water shortage. Particularly disappointing is the lack of focus on jobs in a State that finds itself at a crossroads with the decline of the IT-BPO sector.
    received, distress
    recognized, peace
    acquired, flabbergast
    approved, serendipity
    All are Correct
    Option A


  6. Karnataka has taken __________________ steps to wean Cauvery basin farmers away from paddy and sugarcane towards millets. Tamil Nadu has taken to the SRI method of cultivating paddy, which cuts down sharply on water use. Civil society __________________ can further urban and rural initiatives. Water is too important to be left to courts and governments alone.
    vigorous, endeavours
    proactive, initiatives
    dynamic, enthusiasms
    spirited, primaries
    All are Correct
    Option B


  7. While analysts may be able to __________________ out the treasury component to get to the true and fair picture of bank profits, lay investors and depositors are likely to be misled by the banks’ reported numbers. It is also unfair that other bond market participants such as insurers, pension funds and debt mutual funds — which have retail investors — will have to __________________ market losses on bonds while banks go scot-free.
    divest, predator
    pillage, carnivore
    strip, bear
    despoil, ursidae
    All are Correct
    Option C


  8. The deepening of the corporate bond market, which acts on__________________ other than inflation, has been a welcome development. The bond market, however, moves independently of the MPC. With banks too __________________ into this pool, their loan rates have broken out of the MPC’s ambit.
    gestures, dousing
    prompts, dunking
    labels, immersing
    cues, dipping
    All are Correct
    Option E


  9. __________________ a poor order was a good first step. But to find a workable solution, all institutional stake-holders need to be involved in the examination of the phenomenon that has__________________ ethical, moral and technological dimensions.
    Revoking, profound
    Retracting, facile
    Abolishing, trivial
    Invalidating, jejune
    All are Correct
    Option A


  10. With algorithmic trades accounting for more than 40 per cent of the cash and derivative __________________ and almost 80 per cent of the orders, curbing them can have a__________________ effect on market liquidity. SEBI is acknowledging this fact by stopping short with ensuring that these programs function smoothly without de-stabilising market operations.
    capsize, noxious
    turnover, deleterious
    revolution, poisonous
    change, unhealthy
    All are Correct
    Option B


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