English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 89

Direction (1-10): In each question below a sentence is given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence.

  1. The renewable energy sector missed its capacity addition targets for the second consecutive year in 2017-18; but this actually does not come as a surprise. Renewables capacity added was 11,754 MW in 2017-18, against a target of 14,450 MW. The ____________________ was wind power, which added 1,766 MW in 2017-18, against a target of 4,000 MW. The share of renewables in total capacity addition has, however, risen despite this ____________________ trend
    dawdler, loquacious
    sluggish, flashy
    laggard, subdued
    leisurely, gaudy
    All are Correct
    Option C


  2. An unexpectedly strong performance by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in the fourth quarter of FY18 has ____________________ a $100-billion market capitalisation for the company and pushed up the BSE IT index. For a market ____________________ to disappointments from the IT majors in the last couple of years, their recent numbers have come as a pleasant surprise.
    secured, inured
    fastened, jejune
    guaranteed, enervated
    insured, debilitated
    All are Correct
    Option A


  3. A ____________________ note has been struck in the already polarised public discourse by the movement of a motion for impeachment of the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Mishra by the Congress-led Opposition. The binaries were formed the moment Congress veteran Ghulam Nabi Azad led a delegation of seven parties to submit the notice of impeachment and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley ____________________ it a “revenge petition” for not having got the judiciary to implicate BJP President Amit Shah in the death of CBI court Judge BH Loya.
    harsh, anonymous
    discordant, dubbed
    contrary, incognito
    cacophonous, dubbed
    All are Correct
    Option B


  4. The best matches are made not in heaven but when one side has the time and the other the inclination. The truth of that ____________________ was on display at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London. The British, as they prepare to exit the EU, are looking afresh at the Commonwealth, hoping to breathe life back into the 53-member grouping and create a “Commonwealth 2.0”. Narendra Modi was courted ____________________ by the British to show up.
    aphorism, gently
    proverb, peacefully
    precept, fairly
    maxim, furiously
    All are Correct
    Option D


  5. India’s apparel exports have ____________________ about four per cent to $16.7 billion in 2017-18. This is alarming, as this is the first reversal after years of relatively steady 7-8 per cent growth, and more so as apparel exports still account for around 15 per cent of India’s total exports. The recent downturn is largely a consequence of the funds crisis faced by apparel manufacturing and exporting units, a situation created by a combination of delays in processing of refund of taxes and ____________________ of duty drawback with the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax in July 2017.
    dropped, curtailment
    ascended, extension
    floated, autonomy
    heaved, awakening
    All are Correct
    Option A


  6. The government has done well to remove all of Meghalaya and parts of Arunachal Pradesh from the ambit of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), which gives security forces ____________________ for their actions in areas declared as disturbed. That is progress, but the real challenge is to repeal the law altogether. Such a law has no place in a democracy and its ____________________ has been recommended by various committees and commissions appointed by the government.
    incarceration, removal
    immunity, scrapping
    risk, disposal
    accredit, junking
    All are Correct
    Option B


  7. Surface transport minister Nitin Gadkari’s roadmap to ____________________ toll collections in all operational national highway projects makes perfect sense. The plough-back would complement budgetary outlays and smartly boost much needed resource allocation in the roads sector. It is notable that Mr Gadkari seeks to ____________________as much as Rs 1.5 lakh crore by monetising tolls on 100 national highways.
    mint, dissipate
    decriminalize, distribute
    monetise, garner
    indorse, break up
    All are Correct
    Option C


  8. The latest surge in market value came on the back of 5.71% increase in ____________________ net profit, and a price-earning ratio that is over 26%, which is a shade higher than that for the 30-stock Sensex, but significantly lower than that for many shares that have been ____________________ in recent initial public offers.
    amalgamated, incarcerated
    concentrated, confined
    united, included
    consolidated, snapped up
    All are Correct
    Option E


  9. These columns had argued earlier that the Opposition’s motion of impeachment against the Chief Justice of India ____________________ the kind of strong prima facie evidence that’s required to make such a move credible. Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu’s rejection of the motion seems to be reason along the same lines. Noteworthy here is that some of India’s most eminent jurists had also ____________________ the Opposition’s decision.
    ought, ruminative
    lacked, critiqued
    possessed, considered
    supplied, intended
    All are Correct
    Option B


  10. This newspaper is opposed to the death penalty in ____________________. But there are other reasons to disapprove of the proposed amendment to the Indian Penal Code to award death penalty to those who rape children. One is that the death penalty might well ____________________ reporting of the crime, when the rapist is a close relative or otherwise well known to the family of the victim, as is the case in 94% of reported rape cases.
    precept, encourage
    doctrine, assist
    principle, inhibit
    axiom, facilitate
    All are Correct
    Option C


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