English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 62

Directions: Each sentence below is given with two blanks. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence respectively.

  1. The minister ____________that message should be sent out to company secretaries and directors of all companies to ____________that filings are made on time, which would also help prevent unnecessary litigation and prosecution.
    intense, expend
    accented, forget
    emphasised, ensure
    irresolute, expose
    All are correct
    Option C


  2. With respect to 992 court cases pertaining to _______________of directors that are pending with various high courts, the ministry said around 190 cases have been ____________of.
    disqualification, disposed
    incompetence, disaaray
    incapability, derange
    influence, disrupt
    All are correct
    Option A


  3. The latest decision to _________more 1.20 lakh companies from official records came after a review meeting of the actions taken with respect to __________firms last week.
    expunge, unregistered
    obliterate, deregistered
    cross off, unregistered
    strike off, deregistered
    All are correct
    Option D


  4. South Africa’s Cape Town, one of the world’s __________tourist destinations, could run out of water by April as the city’s worst __________ in a century risks forcing residents to join queues for emergency rations.
    essential, want
    unknown, aridity
    iconic, drought
    normal, dearth
    All are correct
    Option C


  5. Businesses in the ___________industry also say they are trying to help, limiting showers to two minutes and using water used for washing dishes and clothes to ___________gardens.
    generosity, undertake
    hospitality, water
    warmth, look after
    magnanimity, furnish
    All are correct
    Option B


  6. City officials say dam levels ________below 30% in the first week of the new year, with only about 19.7% of that water considered__________.
    dipped, usable
    soaked, useful
    plunged, functional
    drowned, servicable
    All are correct
    Option E


  7. Very few women _________chicken, meat, fish or eggs on a daily basis, and about a third of them _________these foods weekly, the survey report revealed.
    eat, eat
    consume, consume
    dissipate, dissipate
    deplete, deplete
    All are correct
    Option B


  8. In India by and large, food habits are _________in terms of gender. There are two classes in India—those who can’t afford vegetables, fresh fruits and milk and the others who can afford them but ___________between male and female children.
    apposite, compare
    discriminatory, discriminate
    accurate, mingle
    apathetic, sift
    All are correct
    Option B


  9. Our way of life is being challenged, most notably, the _______for modernity, the quest for innovation (are) being challenged by ________Islam and its terrorist offshoots from a variety of corners.
    chase, extreme
    pursuit, pacifist
    quest, radical
    seek, fanatic
    All are correct
    Option C


  10. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he was discussing with India ways to ________security cooperation against the __________of Islamist extremism that both democracies faced.
    fortify, defense
    sap, assist
    brace, gaurd
    strengthen, menace
    All are correct
    Option D



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