English Quiz

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Q1)-After carefully _________ the situation, the farmers sympathized ______ the mule.

scrutinizing, on
assessing, with
observing, through
ignoring, for
Ans.- B
Q2)-If India is ________ on protecting its resources, international business appears equally _______ to safeguard its profit.

dreaded, fragile
stubborn, weak
bent, determined
known, seen
Ans.- C

Q3)-I ______ a friend named Aari who _______ a horse ranch in the town.

has, buys
need, holds
posses, run
have, owns
Ans.- D

Q4)-Choose the pair which represents closer relationship expressed in the original pair.

audacious : bold
mendacity : honest
aggravate : irritate
braggart : boastful
Ans.- B

Q5)-Which of the following word is incorrectly spelled?

Ans.- C

Q6)-Choose the correct sentence among the following

Our school had won the match if only we have concentrated.
Our school would have won the match if we would have concentrated.
Our school had won the match if only we would have concentrated.
Our school would have won the match if only we had concentrated.
Ans.- D

Q7)-Complete the following sentence,
The doctor warns him that unless he gives up smoking _______

will he able to recover
he will not recover
he will not suffer
his health will soon be recovered
Ans.- B

Q8)-Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

Its a cold day in October
The women which works here is from Japan
She’s married with a dentist
I visited Niagara Falls last weekend
Ans.- D

Q9)-The letter ‘a’, in the word, ‘crazy ’, is pronounced like letter, ‘a’, in the word:

Ans.- B

Q10)-“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Choose the meaning that is closest in the meaning to this proverb.

If we keep punishing the bad guys we are no better than them
Peace is the key to violence
for every wrong done, there should be a compensating measure of justice
If a person takes your eye, you take the eye of that person
Ans.- C

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